Brain Food: Good Fats Better for Memory


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Brain Food: Good Fats Better for Memory

When itِ comesِ to yourِ noggin, notِ allِ fats areِ created equal, withِ newِ research finding theِ sameِ fats thatِ wreak havoc onِ the body mayِ doِ the sameِ to theِ mind.
The good news, theِ fats knownِ to beِ healthy forِ the body wereِ alsoِ linked toِ betterِ cognitive function inِ older women whoِ participated inِ the newِ study.
When lookingِ atِ changes inِ cognitive function, whatِ weِ foundِ is thatِ the total amount ofِ fat intake didِ not reallyِ matter, butِ the type ofِ fat did, study researcher Dr.

The results were published online May 18 in the journal Annals of Neurology.

Bad fats include saturated fats, orِ those fats foundِ mostly inِ animal products, andِ trans fats, whichِ areِ unsaturated (good) fats thatِ haveِ beenِ partially saturated withِ hydrogen toِ extend theirِ shelf life.
Trans fats canِ elevate theِ unhealthy type ofِ cholesterol (called LDL cholesterol), research hasِ shown.
The newِ research finds, inِ particular, saturated fat isِ associatedِ with worse overallِ cognitive function andِ memory inِ women overِ time.

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