BPA May Boost Artery Disease Risk


Credit: Water bottle photo via Shutterstock

BPA May Boost Artery Disease Risk

Exposure toِ bisphenol-A, a chemical foundِ in manyِ plastics andِ commonly knownِ asِ BPA, mayِ increase theِ chance ofِ people’s arteries narrowing, whichِ canِ lead toِ a heart attack, according toِ a newِ study.
Researchers studied theِ BPA levels of 591 people whoِ wereِ suspected byِ their doctors ofِ havingِ severe coronary artery disease (CAD), a condition ofِ narrowing arteries.
The researchers usedِ urine samples toِ measure theِ level ofِ BPA inِ eachِ person’s body.

Another 86 participants had intermediate CAD, which did not correlate with BPA levels.

Researchers foundِ a correlation betweenِ coronary disease andِ BPA, notِ a cause-and-effect link, andِ anِ explanation forِ the correlation hasِ not beenِ found, theِ researchers wrote.
BPA hasِ beenِ found toِ beِ detrimental toِ health in manyِ ways, andِ should beِ avoided, according toِ Rebecca Roberts, a biology professor atِ Ursinus College inِ Pennsylvania whoِ studies BPA’s effects onِ the body.
Limiting useِ ofِ plastics forِ food consumption andِ staying awayِ from canned foods andِ beverages, whichِ haveِ high BPA levels, andِ cash register receipts, canِ limit exposure, Roberts said.