BPA During Pregnancy May Cause Behavior Problems in Girls


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BPA During Pregnancy May Cause Behavior Problems in Girls

Baby girls whoِ areِ exposed whileِ inِ the womb toِ a chemical foundِ commonly inِ plastics mayِ develop behavior problems asِ children, a newِ study suggests.
Bisphenol A (BPA) isِ a component ofِ some plastics andِ can beِ found inِ everythingِ from theِ liners ofِ food cans toِ store receipts andِ dental sealants.
Researchers fromِ the Harvard School ofِ Public Health andِ the Centers forِ Disease Control andِ Prevention measured BPA levels inِ the urine ofِ 244 mothers atِ various times duringِ pregnancy, andِ in theirِ children atِ various times afterِ birth.

Most women exposed

Researchers detected BPA inِ more thanِ 95 percent ofِ pregnant women whoِ participated inِ the study, andِ each tenfold increase inِ BPA wasِ associatedِ with moreِ behavioral andِ emotional problems inِ girls, according toِ theِ study.
The reason girls showed problems andِ boys didn’tِ couldِ have toِ doِ with theِ way hormones guide brain development inِ the womb, Braun said.
It mayِ act likeِ anِ estrogen, orِ anِ anti-estrogen.

BPA & the brain

The study supports a growing body ofِ evidence thatِ BPA canِ affect brain development inِ the womb, saidِ Shanna Swan, a professor atِ Mount Sinai School ofِ Medicine.
This study finds associations betweenِ neurodevelopmental endpoints andِ gestational BPA, butِ none withِ exposure toِ BPA inِ childhood, confirming theِ sensitivity ofِ the prenatal period toِ thisِ exposure, sheِ said.
But avoiding obvious sources, likeِ canned foods, isِ not difficult andِ alternatives areِ easily available, sheِ said.