Botox May Treat Nighttime Teeth Grinding


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Botox May Treat Nighttime Teeth Grinding

NEW ORLEANS — Botox mayِ helpِ prevent teeth grinding atِ night, results fromِ a small study suggest.
The findings suggest Botox couldِ beِ used toِ treat nighttime teeth grinding, a common condition forِ which thereِ isِ no established treatment, saidِ study researcher Dr.
William Ondo, a professor ofِ neurology atِ the University ofِ Texas Health Science Center atِ Houston.

Nighttime teeth grinding

Up toِ 15 percent ofِ people experience nocturnal bruxism, thoughِ manyِ areِ unaware theyِ haveِ the condition andِ find outِ onlyِ when they’reِ told byِ their partner orِ a dentist.
In theِ study, 23 patients withِ nocturnal bruxism wereِ randomly assigned toِ receive a Botox injection orِ a placebo injection.
Thirteen people received theِ Botox injection inِ the temple andِ jaw, andِ 10 received theِ placebo.

FDA approval?

Botox isِ not officially approved byِ the Food andِ Drug Administration asِ a treatment forِ nocturnal bruxism, butِ becauseِ the drug isِ approved forِ other uses, itِ canِ beِ used offِ label asِ a treatment forِ nighttime teeth grinding.
In fact, Ondo saidِ heِ hasِ beenِ using itِ inِ hisِ patients withِ nocturnal bruxism forِ 20 years.
If theِ companies thatِ manufacture botulinum toxin wantِ theِ drug officially approved byِ the Food andِ Drug Administration forِ treatment ofِ nocturnal bruxism, theyِ would needِ to conduct theirِ own, large trials toِ submit toِ theِ agency, Ondo said.

The current study was funded with a grant from Allergan, which makes Botox.

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