Body Weight More ‘Contagious’ in Childhood than Adulthood


Credit: Stockxpert.

Body Weight More ‘Contagious’ in Childhood than Adulthood

How muchِ we weigh asِ adults isِ more influenced byِ the people aroundِ us duringِ childhood thanِ those weِ spend time withِ asِ adults, a newِ study suggests.
The study compared theِ weights ofِ 236 pairs ofِ adolescent siblings whoِ lived together, andِ 838 pairs ofِ adult siblings whoِ didِ not live together.
In bothِ groups, theِ body mass indices (BMIs) ofِ siblings becameِ more similar overِ time.

The findings demonstrate the importance of early interventions to prevent obesity, Brown said.

The results alsoِ suggest theِ effect ofِ our adult social networks onِ our weight mayِ haveِ beenِ overestimated, theِ researchers said.
In theِ study, factors thatِ changed overِ time, suchِ asِ friends andِ opportunities forِ exercise, explained similarities inِ BMI onlyِ forِ adolescent siblings.
The findings doِ not overturn theِ idea thatِ obesity canِ spread betweenِ friends whoِ areِ grown adults, saidِ Daniel Hruschka, ofِ the Arizona State University School ofِ Human Evolution andِ Social Change, whoِ wasِ notِ involved inِ the study.