Blood Test Predicts Baby’s Sex at 7 Weeks


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Blood Test Predicts Baby’s Sex at 7 Weeks

Some prenatal gender tests thatِ use mom’s blood areِ very accurate atِ determining baby’s sex, a newِ study finds.
But curious parents-to-be shouldِ beِ wary ofِ online marketers thatِ claim toِ beِ able toِ figure outِ fetal gender usingِ justِ a woman’s urine.
10 inِ the Journal ofِ the American Medical Association finds thatِ afterِ seven weeks intoِ a pregnancy, tests thatِ analyze mom’s blood forِ fetal DNA canِ correctly identify a male fetus 95.4 percent ofِ the time andِ a female fetus 98.6 percent ofِ the time onِ average.

It was worse than flipping a coin, Bianchi told LiveScience.

Why baby’s sex matters

Ultrasound imaging canِ sometimes reveal theِ sex ofِ a baby asِ early asِ 11 weeks intoِ pregnancy, thoughِ theِ results areِ wrong asِ much asِ 40 percent ofِ the time.
5 Myths About Women’s Bodies] Some people don’tِ like toِ wait thatِ long.
Chelsea Gladden, whoِ blogs atِ, told LiveScience thatِ sheِ andِ her swollen ankles needed theِ excitement ofِ finding outِ herِ baby’s sex aboutِ halfway throughِ theِ pregnancy, butِ said sheِ would haveِ foundِ out earlier ifِ she couldِ have.

I was definitely consumed with finding out, Gladden said.

But curiosity isn’tِ the onlyِ reason forِ earlier gender testing.
Families atِ risk forِ these disorders canِ now opt toِ haveِ amniocentesis, inِ which theِ fluid thatِ cushions theِ fetus inِ the womb isِ extracted andِ tested, orِ a procedure called chorionic villus sampling, bothِ of whichِ carry a small risk ofِ miscarriage.
A non-invasive blood test wouldِ cut downِ on suchِ testing byِ 50 percent becauseِ moms carrying female babies wouldn’tِ needِ to worry, saidِ Bianchi.

It’s a boy! (or girl)

Blood tests forِ fetal gender aren’t availableِ clinically inِ the United States, Bianchi said, thoughِ theyِ areِ used inِ Europe forِ diagnosis inِ high-risk pregnancies.
Only males haveِ Y chromosomes, soِ ifِ Y chromosomes areِ found inِ mom’s blood, she’sِ likelyِ carrying a baby boy.
They foundِ that urine tests wereِ extremely unreliable, possibly becauseِ by theِ time fetal DNA isِ filtered fromِ the blood intoِ the urine, it’sِ beenِ broken down.