Billionaires Who Left Nothing for Their Families


His first six children are all out of luck. | AFP/Getty Images

Billionaires Who Left Nothing for Their Families

But, asِ we know, rich celebrities live inِ a differentِ world entirely.
So whenِ itِ comesِ to allocating theirِ fortunes, someِ cashed-up richies — bothِ dead andِ alive — areِ opting toِ bequeath theirِ money toِ charities, otherِ people, andِ beloved pets instead.
Call itِ cruel, call itِ vindictive, call itِ a lesson inِ tough love.

1. Jerry Lewis

Rather thanِ pass hisِ massive estate toِ hisِ six kids born withِ hisِ firstِ wife, Jerry Lewis’s willِ noted theِ inheritance shouldِ beِ given toِ hisِ second wife, SanDee Pitnick, according toِ The Blast.
The comedian’s relationship withِ hisِ children andِ first wife Patti Palmer becameِ non-existent uponِ hisِ second marriage andِ the documents show Lewis “intentionally excluded” allِ six children fromِ the estate.
Unfortunately, thisِ final act ofِ pettiness means theِ Lewis kids shouldِ expect a big goose egg fromِ dad moving forward.

Mickey Rooney had eight failed marriages | Linda D. Kozaryn

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2. Joan Crawford

Christina Crawford’s account ofِ herِ mother’s abusive andِ alcoholic tendencies areِ well-documented inِ anِ interview withِ The Guardian andِ her tell-all book, Mommie Dearest.
Whether theِ accounts areِ true couldِ likely beِ the reason actress Joan Crawford left twoِ ofِ herِ children absolutely nothingِ upon herِ death inِ 1977.
Her willِ clearlyِ states, “It isِ my intention toِ makeِ no provision hereinِ forِ my son Christopher orِ myِ daughter Christina forِ reasons whichِ areِ well knownِ to them.” Instead, Crawford left mostِ of herِ fortune toِ charitable organizations suchِ asِ The Muscular Dystrophy Association ofِ America, theِ American Cancer Society, theِ USO ofِ New York City, andِ many more.

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3. Mickey Rooney

His kids will have to make their own path. | JP Yim/Getty Images

All sorts ofِ drama surrounded Mickey Rooney’s death andِ accompanying fortune.
The legendary actor left hisِ estate toِ hisِ stepson, Mark Aber, followingِ his death inِ 2014.
Seven ofِ hisِ eightِ biological children wereِ wholly excluded fromِ his meager $18,000 estate andِ they filed a lawsuit claiming Rooney wasِ underِ “undue influence” whenِ signing theِ will.

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4. Bill Gates

In a slightly moreِ uplifting story, bazillionaire Bill Gates hasِ opted — quiteِ publicly weِ mightِ add — toِ allocate theِ vast majority ofِ hisِ fortune toِ charity.
It’s likelyِ most ofِ hisِ $89 billion net worth willِ beِ given toِ theِ Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation established inِ 1994.
He’s invited otherِ well-to-do people toِ donate halfِ of theirِ fortunes viaِ “The Giving Pledge” asِ well.

Oprah will leave millions to her precious pooches. | Mike Windle/Getty Images

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5. Oprah

Michael Jackson left $2 million worth toِ hisِ chimpanzee, Bubbles.
But inِ the sphere ofِ fortunes bestowed uponِ beloved pets, Jackson’s $2 million gift isِ quite reasonable.
TV mogul Oprah Winfrey hasِ said thatِ ifِ herِ home wereِ onِ fire, she’d onlyِ attempt toِ grab a photo album ofِ herِ fiveِ dogs.

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He’s following Gates’ example. | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

6. Nigella Lawson

Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson hasِ amassed millions throughِ TV shows andِ cookbooks.
But whenِ itِ comesِ to bestowing thatِ wealth ontoِ herِ children, it’s a differentِ story.
Lawson worked hard forِ her money — despiteِ beingِ born intoِ a wealthy family herselfِ — andِ wants herِ children toِ doِ the sameِ without a financial safety net.

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7. Michael Bloomberg

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg hasِ donated millions toِ various non-profits andِ charitable organizations.
So muchِ so thatِ heِ hopes toِ bounce checks ratherِ than pad hisِ two daughter’s bank accounts beforeِ he goes.
He’s alsoِ another rich celebrity whoِ hasِ signed Gates’ Giving Pledge, sayingِ inِ hisِ pledge letter, “If youِ wantِ toِ doِ something forِ your children andِ show howِ much youِ love them, theِ single bestِ thing—by far—is toِ support organizations thatِ will create a betterِ world forِ them andِ their children.” , 7 ] .

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8. Kevin O’Leary

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary’s kids areِ in forِ a disappointing surprise whenِ theyِ read hisِ will.
In fact, heِ plans toِ skip a generation andِ shower hisِ grandkids andِ great grandkids withِ lucrative trusts.
O’Leary tells Time, “If youِ don’t start outِ your life withِ theِ fear ofِ notِ beingِ able toِ feed yourselfِ andِ your family, thenِ what motivates youِ toِ goِ getِ a job.

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9. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet plans toِ give awayِ 99% ofِ hisِ wealth inِ hisِ lifetime, leaving justِ one tiny percent forِ his family. Now toِ beِ fair, 1% ofِ a nearlyِ $80 billion empire isِ still a lot ofِ cash, butِ it’s a pretty dismal inheritance whenِ compared toِ what’s available. By leaving nextِ to nil toِ hisِ family, heِ ensures theyِ don’t getِ apathetic inِ their work ethic.

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10. Andrew Lloyd Webber

Composer Andrew Lloyd Weber hasِ plans toِ dedicate hisِ fortune amassed viaِ hit musicals toِ theِ very industry thatِ awarded himِ such wealth. Rather thanِ allowِ his children toِ inherit money, heِ will leave itِ to theِ theatre community. “I feel I owe a debt andِ that isِ very largely due toِ theِ success notِ only inِ Britain butِ alsoِ the rest ofِ the world,” heِ tells The Daily Mail.

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11. Philip Seymour Hoffman

There’s noِ denying theِ negative stereotype associatedِ with trust fund kids. So toِ protect theirِ legacy, Philip Seymour Hoffman stiffed hisِ three children ofِ hisِ $35 million fortune andِ gave itِ to hisِ girlfriend Mimi O’Donnell instead. He evenِ went soِ farِ asِ to reject theِ repeated suggestions fromِ his accountant thatِ heِ leave hisِ children withِ minor cashflow toِ combat suchِ “rich kid” stigmas.

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12. Simon Cowell

Let’s hope Simon Cowell’s young son develops theِ business gene hisِ father perfected orِ elseِ he couldِ struggle toِ makeِ ends meet asِ anِ adult. Cowell’s million-dollar fortune willِ goِ to a charity supporting kids andِ dogs, notِ hisِ offspring. In a statement typical ofِ hisِ infamous tough love, Simon Cowell says, “I’m goingِ to leave myِ money toِ somebody.

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13. Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper’s bloodline isِ flowing withِ oldِ money. His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt benefited a $5 million trust fromِ her father Reginald Vanderbilt andِ managed toِ build itِ intoِ a $200 million empire. I thinkِ it’s anِ initiative sucker.

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14. Sting

Sting isِ anotherِ rich celebrity planning toِ leave hisِ family hanging inِ hisِ will. The rocker tells The Daily Mail, “There won’t beِ much money left becauseِ we areِ spending it. They haveِ to work.” Abiding byِ the work hard, play hard motto mayِ beِ a bit ambitious forِ Sting.

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15. Bernard Marcus

Like soِ manyِ others onِ this list, theِ founder ofِ Home Depot, Bernard Marcus, plans toِ keepِ hisِ kids asِ far awayِ from hisِ $4.9 billion fortune asِ possible. It mayِ seem harsh, butِ leaving littleِ forِ his children ensures they’ll becomeِ more motivated toِ amass theirِ ownِ wealth justِ asِ Marcus did. Instead, hisِ Home Depot stock shares willِ goِ to The Marcus Foundation, whichِ heِ launched toِ support education andِ handicap initiatives.