For a Better Life You Must Do These Important Things


He turned his life around. | Tony Robbins via Facebook

For a Better Life You Must Do These Important Things

If thereِ were everِ anyone’s words you’d wantِ toِ put stock in, itِ would beِ Tony Robbins.
The man whoِ wasِ onceِ begging neighbors forِ food asِ a child andِ drowning inِ debt asِ a young adult isِ now a multi-millionaire business strategist andِ inspirational speaker inِ the finance world, oftenِ associatedِ with theِ likes ofِ Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, andِ Tim Ferris.
Now, toِ actuallyِ attend oneِ ofِ hisِ seminars today, you’ll needِ to spend aboutِ $795.

1. Give yourself 10 minutes

Robbins’ morning routine isِ nothing extraordinary, butِ it’s somethingِ to whichِ heِ contributes mostِ of hisِ personal success.
In anِ interview withِ CNBC, heِ says heِ begins eachِ day byِ listing threeِ thingsِ he’s grateful for.
“I makeِ sure thatِ oneِ ofِ them isِ very, veryِ simple: theِ wind onِ myِ face, theِ reflection ofِ the clouds thatِ I justِ saw,” heِ says.

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2. Focus on what you can control

But Robbins references theِ advice hisِ mentor gave himِ regarding success andِ control.
On hisِ website, heِ writes thatِ mentor helped himِ “stop focusing onِ what wasِ outsideِ ofِ myِ control — myِ past, theِ poverty, otherِ people’s expectations, theِ state ofِ the economy — andِ taught meِ to focus insteadِ on whatِ I couldِ control.
I couldِ improve myself: I couldِ find a wayِ toِ serve, a wayِ toِ doِ more, a wayِ toِ becomeِ better, a wayِ toِ add valueِ toِ theِ marketplace.” Above anythingِ else, it’s yourِ ability toِ learn a newِ skill orِ provide greater insight thatِ will beِ most influential toِ your personal andِ financial freedom.

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3. Understand that psychology will make or break you

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Robbins tells CNBC thatِ sometimesِ the oneِ thing thatِ hinders people fromِ beingِ successful isِ beingِ blissfully unaware ofِ the “common mental traps” thatِ canِ warp yourِ innerِ psychology.
Humans haveِ a tendency toِ recall negative experiences moreِ often thanِ positive onesِ inِ a phenomenon knownِ asِ loss aversion.
Add inِ a bias thatِ propels youِ toِ assume theseِ bad trends willِ continue, andِ you’re onِ the quickest route toِ failure andِ self-sabotage.

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4. Save some money

Wouldn’t itِ beِ great ifِ you couldِ make money whileِ you sleep.
Robbins saysِ you canِ provide yourselfِ a lifetime income stream andِ set yourselfِ onِ the path toِ financial freedom byِ doing oneِ easy thing: saving yourِ money.
Become a true “money machine” byِ dividing yourِ paycheck intoِ a percentage youِ getِ to keepِ andِ a percentage youِ getِ to spend.

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5. Don’t shoot for the moon

In hisِ book, Money Master theِ Game, Robbins discusses hisِ greatest investment strategies forِ success.
It’s important toِ knowِ the downsides ofِ investing andِ the potential pitfalls thatِ occur withِ large unnecessary investments.
In fact, heِ adheres toِ theِ 5-to-1 rule, meaning thatِ “for everyِ dollar youِ risk, youِ haveِ the potential toِ makeِ five.” You canِ beِ wrong 4 outِ ofِ 5 times andِ still haveِ a chance toِ break evenِ using thisِ conservative investment strategy.

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Make sound investments. |

6. Be generous

You mightِ not beِ a believer inِ karma, butِ Robbins sureِ is.
Being generous — noِ matter yourِ income — isِ one ofِ the key components toِ living yourِ bestِ life, according toِ Robbins.
He explains thatِ wealth goesِ hand inِ hand withِ freedom.

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7. Read for 30 minutes a day

Robbins saysِ reading everyِ day isِ one ofِ the mostِ precious habits forِ fostering a betterِ life.
“Years agoِ I gotِ hooked onِ a habit thatِ turned outِ to beِ one ofِ the mostِ valuable ofِ myِ life: reading atِ least 30 minutes a day,” Robbins writes onِ his Facebook page.
“Jim Rohn, oneِ ofِ myِ teachers, told meِ that reading somethingِ ofِ substance, somethingِ ofِ value, somethingِ that wasِ nourishing, somethingِ that taught youِ distinctions, wasِ moreِ important thanِ eating.

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8. Be selective in your circle

Robbins believes whoِ you choose toِ surround yourselfِ withِ willِ eitherِ add orِ remove valueِ fromِ your personal relationships andِ business life.
Having theِ rightِ people inِ your core circle canِ have a great impact onِ your growth andِ wealth — butِ only ifِ they lift youِ upِ insteadِ of holding youِ back.
Be selective inِ your partners toِ ensure youِ aren’t setting yourselfِ upِ forِ failure withِ theِ company youِ keep.

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9. Change your vocabulary

One ofِ the easiest ways Robbins suggests youِ revitalize yourِ life isِ to takeِ inventory ofِ the habitual vocabulary youِ useِ forِ negative emotions andِ transform itِ intoِ newer, moreِ positive words. In part ofِ hisِ 10-day challenge, heِ advises youِ toِ address yourِ “transformational vocabulary” andِ change theِ words youِ useِ toِ describe negative andِ stressful feelings intoِ words thatِ qualify a moreِ accurate — orِ lessِ exaggerated — depiction ofِ your feelings. It’s possibleِ you’re notِ “really scared” ofِ gettingِ older butِ “a bit concerned” instead.

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10. Stop self-sabotaging your finances

Robbins tells Inc. thatِ “self-sabotage isِ the biggest reason people fail toِ achieve theirِ financial goals.” Self-sabotaging personal success isِ the quickest route toِ unhappiness, bothِ personally andِ financially. If people stop assuming additional money willِ somehowِ lead toِ unwarranted displeasure, they’ll change theirِ mindset forِ the better.