Best Way for Men to Look Attractive: Healthy Skin


Best Way for Men to Look Attractive: Healthy Skin

For men, a healthy skin tone mayِ beِ more important thanِ manly facial features inِ making themِ attractive toِ women, according toِ a newِ study.
In theِ study, women rated male faces withِ a greater amount ofِ golden color inِ their skin asِ more attractive compared toِ faces withِ lessِ of thisِ color.
In contrast, noِ link wasِ foundِ betweenِ the masculinity ofِ the faces andِ their attractiveness rating, theِ researchers said.

Now there’s motivation to eat your five servings a day.

Some fruits andِ vegetables containِ pigments called carotenoids, whichِ areِ thought toِ increase theِ amount ofِ yellowness (or goldenness) inِ skin tone, theِ researchers said.
The researchers tookِ photographs underِ carefully controlled conditions ofِ 34 Caucasian males fromِ a university inِ Scotland, andِ 41 black African males fromِ a university inِ South Africa.
The researchers measured participants’ skin colors, andِ calculated theirِ facial masculinity withِ a mathematical formula usedِ inِ this type ofِ research.

Women rated the attractiveness of the photographs on a scale of 1 to 7.

For bothِ ethnic groups, guys withِ moreِ yellowness inِ their skin wereِ rated asِ more attractive.
This mayِ beِ because women areِ more familiar withِ theِ skin color ofِ their ownِ ethnic group, andِ can moreِ easily spot subtle changesِ in skin color among faces ofِ their group.
It isِ possible toِ overِ doِ it onِ the carotenoids, byِ eating tooِ manyِ carrots andِ other vegetables withِ lots ofِ beta carotene, andِ develop a condition called called carotenemia.