Best VS Worst Pizza Toppings


You really don’t need all of that sauce. |

Best VS Worst Pizza Toppings

When itِ comesِ to fast food, making healthier choices oftenِ depends onِ what you’re adding toِ your basic order.
The sameِ goesِ forِ pizza.
Here’s howِ to — andِ not toِ — build a healthier pizza.

Worst: Extra sauce

Pizza sauce doesn’t haveِ many calories, andِ it’s relativelyِ lowِ inِ fat.
Even thoughِ you mightِ love pizza forِ its saltiness, there’s reallyِ noِ needِ to add extra sauce.
You canِ still enjoy a good slice orِ two withoutِ extra salt.

Add all the mushrooms you like. |

Best: Fresh mushrooms

Mushrooms canِ give youِ theِ fiber andِ antioxidants processed meat simply can’t.
When cooked, theirِ nutritional valueِ belongs inِ a variety ofِ dishes.
Just makeِ sure theِ mushrooms onِ your pizza areِ fresh, notِ canned.

Worst: Sausage

Even thoughِ meat technically packs inِ a lot ofِ protein, mostِ of theِ sausage you’ll find onِ pizza isn’t worth bumping upِ your protein intake.
This means thatِ when youِ eat it, youِ alsoِ automatically takeِ inِ way moreِ fat, calories, andِ especially sodium thanِ you should.
It’s justِ not theِ bestِ topping whenِ tryingِ toِ build a healthier (yet stillِ delicious) pizza.

Best: Fresh olives

There is such thing as too much salt. |

Olives areِ low inِ calories andِ carbs, andِ contain mostlyِ healthy fat.
As withِ mushrooms, don’t goِ forِ olives ifِ they’re coming outِ ofِ a can.
Your dinner willِ taste muchِ betterِ with asِ many fresh ingredients added onِ asِ possible.

Worst: Extra cheese

It’s tempting.
Especially onِ those pizzas thatِ haveِ the cheese-stuffed crust.
Mozzarella cheese, theِ mostِ common type usedِ duringِ pizza-making, oftenِ originates fromِ whole milk, whichِ containsِ more calories andِ fat thanِ otherِ cheeses.

Best: Spinach

Olives will add a good source of healthy fat. |

The idea ofِ putting veggies onِ pizza mightِ not sound allِ that appealing.
It’s high inِ protein asِ well asِ fiber andِ other minerals andِ vitamins.
If youِ love Italian food tooِ muchِ to settle forِ a salad whenِ ordering in, thisِ isِ the perfect wayِ toِ compromise.

Worst: Pepperoni

We knowِ you knowِ pepperoni isn’t good forِ you.
Unfortunately, it’s hiding moreِ sodium, saturated fat, andِ calories thanِ you probablyِ want toِ thinkِ about. alsoِ warns thatِ eating tooِ muchِ pepperoni canِ expose youِ toِ potentially harmful chemicals called nitrates, formed duringِ the curing process.

Best: Red and green peppers

We know … this is the worst news ever. |

According toِ theِ World’s Healthiest Foods, bell peppers areِ rich inِ vitamins andِ minerals.
They’re alsoِ loaded withِ fiber andِ antioxidants, whichِ definitelyِ makes themِ worthy ofِ space onِ your pizza.
They’ll alsoِ add flavor andِ texture toِ your pizza withoutِ havingِ to goِ overboard onِ the meat andِ canned toppings.