The Best Last Minute Holiday Gifts


The Best Last Minute Holiday Gifts

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Whether it’s thatِ guy who’s notِ really yourِ friend butِ is alwaysِ there orِ your partner’s cousin’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, oneِ thing’s forِ sure: You feel likeِ a jerk.
But don’t beat yourselfِ upِ tooِ muchِ over thisِ slip-up, everyoneِ has beenِ in thisِ uncomfortable predicament before, whichِ isِ why investing inِ a fewِ last-minute presents willِ save youِ awkward encounters a plenty.

1. Make some sweet music

Regardless ofِ personality, background, andِ sense ofِ humor, weِ allِ have oneِ thing inِ common: We allِ listen (and like) music.
Therefore, everyِ forgotten giftee willِ love gettingِ their hands onِ the Speaqua speaker.
But ifِ you doِ happen toِ give this toِ theِ Scrooge whoِ doesn’t haveِ a particularِ penchant forِ music, letِ them know thatِ pairing thisِ with yourِ smartphone’s Bluetooth makesِ this theِ perfect gadget forِ a conference call.

2. Light up your recipient’s life

Are candles a typical last-minute present.
But thisِ Diptyque one begs toِ differ.
Part ofِ Diptyque’s “Forêts Imaginaires,” the Liquidambar candle’s festive notes willِ smell justِ like theِ holidays: Nutmeg, cinnamon, amber, andِ muscovado sugar.

3. TSA-friendly treasures

Whether yourِ present’s beneficiary isِ subbing itِ over toِ grandma’s house orِ jetting offِ to a pricey beach getaway, ’tis theِ season forِ some much-needed traveling.
So whyِ notِ gift theِ forgotten a travel set full ofِ swoon-worthy cosmetics.
This set fromِ Jack Black hasِ the essentials forِ everyِ guy’s face andِ hair regime: A shampoo plusِ conditioner bottle, hair gel, face cleanser, andِ moisturizer.

4. A tasty treat

Move overِ Russell Stover, there’s a newِ covetable candy inِ town.
Unless yourِ recipient hasِ a tricky allergy orِ dietary restriction, theseِ apples fromِ Mrs.
The set consists ofِ two popular sweet-tooth iterations: One coated inِ caramel andِ drizzled withِ white, milk, andِ dark chocolates whileِ theِ otherِ boasts a blend ofِ milk chocolate andِ walnuts.

5. Snail mail for the stylish

No matter howِ much yourِ recipient texts andِ emails, a smart batch ofِ cards alwaysِ make forِ anِ appreciated present.
Whether theyِ use themِ to write a note toِ theirِ great-uncle orِ leave theseِ onِ their desk asِ decoration, a card set isِ more versatile thanِ that expensive notebook.
These cutesy note cards fromِ Kate Spade areِ suitable allِ year roundِ andِ simple enoughِ to satisfy anyِ giftee, notِ to mention theِ punny takeِ onِ “snail mail” isِ clever andِ endearing.

6. Give your giftee clearer skin

The bestِ way toِ hide theِ fact thatِ you completely forgot aboutِ someone.
Everyone hasِ their preference ofِ smartphones, tablets, andِ laptops; however, Clairsonic isِ the skincare industry’s favorite buzzing brush.
Not onlyِ will theyِ notِ realize youِ didn’t thinkِ aboutِ their gift untilِ theِ eleventh, butِ they’ll beِ thanking you forِ their smoother, clearer skin.

7. An elevated essential

Sometimes, theِ bestِ type ofِ present isِ the oneِ that yourِ recipients didn’t evenِ realize theyِ needed.
And since almost everyoneِ with a set ofِ keys spends atِ least fiveِ minute eachِ day searching forِ them, a stylish (yet tactile) trinket toِ add toِ theirِ set ofِ brass isِ a noِ brainer.
The streamlined silhouette willِ appease anyِ male orِ female recipient left offِ your list, butِ the zesty green hue willِ makeِ this stand outِ against the darkness ofِ a purse orِ pocket.

8. Trendy tomes

Usually, stocking upِ onِ clothes andِ accessories forِ those last-minute presents isِ a big no.
But considerِ Mr Porter’s tome trilogy the perfect alternative.
These threeِ paperback books areِ filled withِ advice, style tips, photography, andِ interviews withِ fashion’s finest — anِ obvious must-have forِ anyِ guy withِ a penchant forِ style.

9. Fireplace-ready with cozy kicks

When you’re pressed forِ time to scheme up a cool last-minute present, thinkِ aboutِ yourself.
What wouldِ you wantِ someoneِ who almost forgot aboutِ you toِ buy.
With a shearling interior andِ a traditional leather surface, theseِ slippers fromِ Ugg Australia areِ perfect forِ when youِ almost forget toِ find yourِ sister’s annoying boyfriend a suitable present.

10. Forget the silver spoon…

Sometimes, theِ easiest last-minute presents areِ the onesِ that areِ simple inِ use butِ extravagant inِ packaging, likeِ this pick fromِ S’well.
At theِ heart ofِ this gift, it’s justِ a water bottle: Something youِ canِ easily recycle orِ buy atِ your corner savings store.
But withِ a sleek silhouette andِ a slab ofِ glossy gold paint, thisِ gift isِ now a chic option forِ a bevy ofِ people — theِ trendsetter, environment guru, andِ gym rat, toِ nameِ a few.