Best Age to Raise Kids? Older Parents Say 30s


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Best Age to Raise Kids? Older Parents Say 30s

Most people whoِ haveِ their firstِ child afterِ the age ofِ 40 thinkِ theِ bestِ time toِ haveِ kids isِ fiveِ to 10 years earlier, a small newِ study suggests.
The study participants maintained thatِ older parenting hasِ more advantages thanِ disadvantages, butِ when theyِ were asked aboutِ the optimal age forِ parenting, 80 percent ofِ the women andِ 70 percent ofِ the men saidِ itِ was inِ the 30s, andِ many ofِ them indicatedِ that itِ was onlyِ their circumstances thatِ keptِ them fromِ becomingِ parents then.
The authors saidِ future research shouldِ include a moreِ diverse group andِ should follow upِ onِ the older parents onceِ their children reach theِ teens.

Advantages of being an older parent

Researchers interviewed 46 couples andِ 15 single women whoِ hadِ used inِ vitro fertilization toِ conceive theirِ firstِ child whenِ theِ woman wasِ 40 orِ older.
People whoِ usedِ IVF wereِ chosen forِ the study becauseِ they wereِ likelyِ atِ the veryِ endِ of theirِ reproductive capabilities, theِ researchers said.
The chief advantage, according toِ theِ participants, wasِ thatِ they wereِ moreِ emotionally prepared forِ parenting — 72 percent ofِ women andِ 57 percent ofِ men saidِ this wasِ anِ advantage.

The downside

Still, theِ women tended toِ sayِ they wouldِ haveِ wanted toِ haveِ children earlier hadِ they met theirِ partner sooner.
I thinkِ ifِ I couldِ have written outِ the story ofِ myِ life, I wouldِ haveِ met himِ younger, andِ I probablyِ would haveِ hadِ children maybeِ atِ 35, oneِ woman said.
Nearly halfِ the women saidِ that theِ difficulties theyِ hadِ in conceiving, andِ the needِ to useِ IVF, wereِ theِ primary disadvantages ofِ trying toِ becomeِ a parent atِ a laterِ age.