Bedroom Eyes Make Guys Look Sketchy


Bedroom Eyes Make Guys Look Sketchy

Beware theِ bedroom eyes, guys — newِ research suggests thatِ a heavy-lidded, seductive gaze makesِ you seemِ lessِ trustworthy toِ bothِ men andِ women.
The study finds thatِ guys withِ anِ open, normal gaze areِ preferred forِ a long-term relationship byِ women andِ as a business partner orِ neighbor byِ men.
Women andِ men alike perceived theِ eyes-half-closed lookِ asِ anِ attempt toِ secure a fling ratherِ than a long-term relationship.

It’s all in the eyes

Large eyes convey childlike qualities suchِ asِ naivety, sincerity andِ vulnerability.
Kruger andِ his co-author Jory Piglowski, alsoِ of theِ University ofِ Michigan, tookِ photographs ofِ two men, bothِ white andِ in theirِ early 20s, withِ eyes open andِ half-open.
They usedِ computer-editing software toِ overlay theِ photographs soِ that theyِ were identical inِ allِ aspects exceptِ for eye openness.

Gaze with caution

The seductive gaze mayِ well convey a sense ofِ maturity andِ sexual readiness, givenِ that larger eyes areِ associated withِ youth, Kruger said.
But theِ study, published inِ the April issue ofِ the journal Personality andِ Individual Differences, suggests thatِ anِ all-around seductive lookِ canِ come backِ to bite you, Kruger said.
You don’tِ gain soِ muchِ of anِ advantage byِ doing thisِ expression] unlessِ you’re alreadyِ engaged withِ someoneِ who isِ interested inِ you, orِ who youِ haveِ a chancewith, Kruger said.