Baby Boomers’ Mental Health Faces Crisis, Report Says


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Baby Boomers’ Mental Health Faces Crisis, Report Says

As theِ baby boom generation ages, millions ofِ people willِ face mental health andِ substance abuse problems thatِ will goِ undiagnosed orِ untreated unlessِ thereِ areِ significant changesِ to theِ current health care system, a newِ report says.
We haveِ a significant burden, ifِ not a crisis, facing us, saidِ Dr.
The number ofِ older adults withِ mental health conditions orِ substance abuse problems isِ expected toِ increase, notِ only becauseِ the now-aging baby boom generation isِ larger thanِ the generation thatِ preceded it, butِ alsoِ because theِ rate ofِ such problems isِ higher among theِ boomers, Blazer said.

The culture and the context of health care are different across different cultures, he said.

Providers whoِ speak moreِ than oneِ language willِ beِ needed, andِ they willِ needِ anِ understanding ofِ the cultural issues surrounding theirِ patients’ conditions, heِ said..