Autism is Not Always Problem, Researcher Argues


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Autism is Not Always Problem, Researcher Argues

People withِ autism haveِ advantages, inِ some ways, overِ people withoutِ theِ condition, andِ scientists needِ to stop viewing theِ traits ofِ autism asِ flaws thatِ needِ to beِ corrected, oneِ autism researcher argues.
By seeingِ autism’s differences asِ defects, researchers mayِ fail toِ fully understand theِ condition, saidِ Dr.
Laurent Mottron, a professor ofِ psychiatry atِ the University ofِ Montreal.

Autism’s advantages

Mottron saidِ heِ doesِ not wantِ toِ minimize theِ challenges ofِ autism.
One outِ ofِ 10 autistics cannotِ speak, nineِ out ofِ 10 haveِ no regular job andِ four outِ ofِ fiveِ autistic adults areِ still dependent onِ their parents, Mottron said.
But people withِ autism canِ make significant contributions toِ society inِ the rightِ environment, heِ said.

Still a disorder

Rajesh Kana, anِ assistant professor inِ the department ofِ psychology atِ the University ofِ Alabama atِ Birmingham, agreed thatِ researchers shouldn’tِ solely focus onِ the deficits ofِ autism.
However, autism shouldِ still beِ thought ofِ asِ a disorder, andِ not merelyِ a difference, Kana said.
People withِ severe autism haveِ problems functioning inِ their day-to-day lives, andِ even people withِ lessِ severe autism canِ fall victim toِ deception, becauseِ of theirِ limited abilityto understand whenِ someoneِ isِ lying.