Are Probiotics Safe for Kids?


Are Probiotics Safe for Kids?

Probiotics areِ so common inِ yogurt theseِ days, youِ mightِ not thinkِ twice aboutِ giving foods laced withِ good bacteria toِ your youngsters.
In general, giving probiotics toِ your kids isِ not harmful, butِ there’s notِ a lot ofِ proof itِ doesِ much good, either.
In theِ end, attempts toِ change theِ community ofِ bacteria inِ kids’ tummies, and, consequently, theirِ health, withِ probiotics mayِ prove futile.

Do probiotics work?

Probiotics areِ food products thatِ containِ enough live bacteria toِ change theِ composition ofِ the consumer’s gut bacteria, andِ have theِ potential forِ health benefits, theِ AAP says.
In a 2005 study ofِ aboutِ 200 infants betweenِ the ages ofِ 4 months andِ 10 months, researchers gave probiotics toِ babies overِ a 12-week period.
On average, thoseِ givenِ probiotics hadِ 0.37 days ofِ diarrhea compared withِ 0.59 days forِ those givenِ a placebo.

Are they safe?

In healthy, full-term babies, high doses ofِ probiotics don’tِ appearِ to causeِ anyِ ill effects, theِ AAP says.
However, probiotics mayِ pose risks toِ someِ children, including preterm babies, children withِ weakened immune systems andِ those withِ catheters orِ other medical devices insideِ them.
And ifِ probiotics are, inِ fact, beneficial forِ kids, researchers willِ needِ to establish howِ much kids shouldِ take andِ how long theyِ shouldِ take itِ inِ order toِ reap theِ mostِ benefit..