Are Black and White Colors?


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Are Black and White Colors?

To put itِ inِ scientific terms, however, color isِ simply theِ range ofِ visible light thatِ humans canِ see.
Different colors, suchِ asِ red andِ orange, andِ other invisible spectrums suchِ asِ infrared light, move aroundِ in waves ofِ electromagnetic energy.
The human eye isِ capable ofِ seeing onlyِ light withِ wavelengths betweenِ 380 andِ 750 nanometers.

The trouble inِ this scientific approach isِ that someِ colors considered important inِ the crayon box areِ notoriously missing.
Black andِ white, asِ well asِ colors likeِ pink, don’t seemِ to haveِ a place inِ a visible spectrum ofِ light thatِ goesِ only fromِ violet toِ red.
So doesِ this meanِ that black andِ white aren’t real colors?

If color isِ solely theِ way physics describes it, theِ visible spectrum ofِ light waves, thenِ black andِ white areِ outcasts andِ don’t count asِ true, physical colors.
Colors likeِ white andِ pink areِ not present inِ the spectrum becauseِ they areِ the result ofِ our eyes’ mixing wavelengths ofِ light.
White isِ what weِ seeِ when allِ wavelengths ofِ light areِ reflected offِ anِ object, whileِ pink isِ a mix ofِ the red andِ violet wavelengths.