Apple Peel Compound May Help Ward Off Obesity


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Apple Peel Compound May Help Ward Off Obesity

A compound foundِ in apple peels called ursolic acid mayِ protect againstِ obesity, a newِ study inِ mice suggests.
In theِ study, mice thatِ ate a high-fat diet overِ several weeks thatِ included ursolic acid developed moreِ muscle mass, andِ more calorie-burning brown fat, thanِ mice eating theِ sameِ diet withoutِ theِ chemical.
However, theِ increase inِ brown fat — anِ unexpected finding — mayِ alsoِ help protect againstِ obesity, Adams said, noting thatِ researchers don’tِ know howِ the compound mightِ exert thisِ effect onِ brown fat.

Some evidence suggests brown fat may be helpful in preventing obesity and diabetes.

Brown fat isِ beneficial andِ people areِ trying toِ figure outِ ways toِ increase it, Adams said.
Our nextِ step isِ to determine ifِ ursolic acid canِ help patients.
The study wasِ published yesterday (June 20) inِ the journal PLoS ONE, andِ was funded byِ the Fraternal Order ofِ Eagles Diabetes Research Center atِ the University ofِ Iowa, theِ National Institutes ofِ Health, theِ Department ofِ Veterans Affairs andِ the University ofِ Iowa Research Foundation..