All New Car Models Worth Waiting For in 2018

New Car Models

1974 Ford Bronco | Ford

All New Car Models Worth Waiting For in 2018

Call usِ greedy, butِ the 2017 models areِ alreadyِ old news.
We wantِ toِ knowِ what’s next, soِ we’re lookingِ to 2018 toِ seeِ what theِ nextِ big thing could be.
Veteran nameplates willِ getِ redesigns, all-new models based onِ popular concept cars areِ slated toِ debut, andِ a fewِ icons willِ return toِ seeِ ifِ they canِ cut itِ inِ the 21st century.

1. Ford Bronco

We’re cheating hereِ (it’ll likelyِ beِ a 2019 model), butِ we’ll beِ getting ourِ firstِ glimpse ofِ the all-new Ford Bronco inِ 2018.
Yes, afterِ a two-decade hiatus, theِ Bronco isِ coming back, butِ a lot isِ still upِ inِ the air.
But weِ hope that it’s theِ rock crawler weِ allِ want.

2. Ford Ranger

2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak | Ford Australia

The newِ Bronco isِ made possibleِ byِ the return ofِ the midsize Ranger pickup.
But don’t thinkِ it’s a secondِ coming ofِ the rugged compact truck thatِ Ford sold forِ 19 years; Ford stillِ makesِ a Ranger forِ the global market (seen above), andِ it’s becomeِ something akin toِ a slightly smaller (though noِ lessِ capable) Ford F-150.
Ford isِ bound toِ create someِ daylight betweenِ its twoِ pickups, soِ expect theِ all-new truck toِ beِ more ofِ a Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon fighter thanِ anِ old-school, spartan hauler.

3. Chevrolet Equinox

2018 Chevrolet Equinox | Chevrolet

The venerable Equinox isِ all-new, andِ Chevy isِ so excited aboutِ it thatِ itِ debuted inِ late 2016.
The ’18 Equinox isِ 400 pounds lighter thanِ the lastِ model, canِ get 40 miles perِ gallon fromِ eitherِ its availableِ 2.8-liter diesel — yes, diesel — engine, orِ 1.6-liter turbocharged four.
If you’re inِ the market forِ a midsize SUV, Chevy’s newcomer looksِ justِ right.

4. Dodge Demon

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon | Dodge

Speaking ofِ long inِ the tooth, Dodge’s muscle car doesn’t lookِ allِ that differentِ from whenِ itِ was introduced backِ in 2008.
For 2018, thatِ looksِ likeِ the Demon, a street-legal supercharged drag car thatِ sends a tire-roasting 840 horsepower toِ theِ rear wheels.
Who cares howِ old theِ car isِ ifِ it canِ run theِ quarter mile inِ under 10 seconds.

5. Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Now thatِ it’s beenِ unveiled, theِ hard work begins forِ Tesla.
We knowِ that theِ Model 3 starts atِ $35,000 (but canِ easily top theِ $50K mark), canِ go upِ toِ 310 miles onِ a charge, andِ should beِ in regular production byِ the endِ of theِ year.
But canِ Elon Musk andِ company deliver onِ their 5,000-car-a-week production goal byِ New Year’s.

6. Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Nearly 30 years afterِ leaving theِ ultra-luxury SUV segment, Jeep isِ reviving theِ Grand Wagoneer nameِ to takeِ onِ the likes ofِ the Range Rover andِ Mercedes G-Class.
Spy photos of press materials haveِ beenِ spotted, andِ from here, theِ big SUV (which isِ rumored toِ top outِ atِ aroundِ $130K) looksِ likeِ a bigger Grand Cherokee, andِ that isn’t a bad place toِ start.
We’re anxious toِ seeِ ifِ it canِ live upِ toِ theِ Wagoneer nameِ andِ take onِ the world’s best.

7. Jeep Wrangler

Jeep’s biggest news forِ 2018 isِ anِ all-new Wrangler model.
After years ofِ rumors andِ struggles (aluminum versusِ steel construction, labor disputes), thisِ isِ the firstِ new Wrangler sinceِ 2007, andِ from everythingِ we know, itِ will beِ fantastic.
Available asِ a two-door, four-door Unlimited, andِ pickup truck, theِ Wrangler willِ haveِ a host ofِ newِ engine choices, including a newِ diesel engine.

8. Kia Stinger

Kia’s move upmarket continues withِ theِ Stinger, a performance-focused luxury sedan withِ itsِ sights set onِ the BMW 3-Series.
In recentِ years, Kia hasِ beenِ masterful atِ building cars thatِ punch wellِ aboveِ their weight.
And withِ theِ Stinger’s rear-wheel drive architecture andِ available 365 horsepower twin-turbo V6, we’re confident thatِ itِ canِ hold itsِ own againstِ the likes ofِ Bimmer, Alfa Romeo, andِ Mercedes.

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9. Volvo XC40

Thanks toِ theِ handsome andِ luxurious S90, V90, andِ XC90, Volvo isِ experiencing somethingِ ofِ a renaissance, andِ its nextِ step isِ revitalizing itsِ entry-level 40-Series. The XC40 hasِ alreadyِ debuted inِ concept form, andِ its boxy, modern styling couldِ go a long wayِ inِ re-establishing theِ company asِ a mainstay onِ American roads. With Volvo’s ambitious plan toِ sell allِ hybrid andِ electric cars byِ 2019, thisِ couldِ beِ the final model toِ run exclusively onِ gas.

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10. Toyota Supra/BMW Roadster

For theِ pastِ fewِ years, Toyota andِ BMW haveِ beenِ collaborating onِ a newِ sports car. Both companies haveِ beenِ tight-lipped, butِ it looksِ likeِ BMW willِ getِ a striking newِ roadster outِ ofِ the deal, whileِ Toyota mayِ use itِ to resurrect theِ iconic Supra name. Still, production isِ on track toِ beginِ in 2018., 7 ] .