Airports You Should Avoid During the Holidays


Airports You Should Avoid During the Holidays

The holidays areِ here.
It’s a time forِ celebrating withِ loved ones, unwinding inِ front ofِ the television, andِ relaxing withِ good cheer.
It’s alsoِ a time forِ overcrowded airports, a strained transportation system, andِ the stress thatِ comesِ alongِ with travel.

1. LaGuardia Airport

New York City’s LaGuardia Airport isِ notorious forِ its unhelpful staff andِ long security lines.
The Guide toِ Sleeping inِ Airports notes that thatِ the airport isِ alsoِ known forِ its poor decor, terrible restaurant selection, lack ofِ cleanliness, andِ its strange layout.
In fact, thisِ airport hasِ evenِ beenِ criticized by Vice President Joe Biden.

2. Philadelphia International Airport

Orbitz warns that Philadelphia International Airport isِ expected toِ beِ the ninth busiest airport thisِ Thanksgiving.
When oneِ passenger inquired aboutِ missing herِ flight, sheِ was rudely told byِ anِ airport employee thatِ ‘this isِ a problem withِ theِ airlines, I can’t helpِ you’.
It isِ very poorly run andِ it isِ very hard toِ determine whoِ wasِ worst, airport, airlines orِ TSA.

3. Miami International Airport

Despite theِ fact thatِ Miami International Airport isِ inِ anِ area knownِ forِ its warm andِ balmy weather, Nerd Wallet’s research foundِ that overِ the lastِ fiveِ years, 17.98% ofِ itsِ November andِ December flights wereِ either delayed orِ cancelled.
A visit toِ SkyTrax, a website dedicated toِ air travel ratings andِ reviews, willِ reveal plenty ofِ displeased customers.
“This wasِ ourِ firstِ time throughِ Miami airport.

4. Los Angeles International Airport

If you’re headed toِ Los Angeles International, prepare toِ fight theِ crowds.
Orbitz ranked it as theِ busiest airport forِ Thanksgiving 2014.
To makeِ matters evenِ worse, The Guide toِ Sleeping inِ Airports ranked Los Angeles International asِ the secondِ worst North American airport forِ 2014.

5. John F. Kennedy International Airport

This New York City airport is notorious forِ many things, noneِ of whichِ areِ good.
That’s notِ great news forِ the many travelers passing throughِ itsِ doors, consideringِ Nerd Wallet’s research showed that 21.56% ofِ itsِ November andِ December flights overِ the pastِ fiveِ years haveِ eitherِ beenِ delayed orِ cancelled.
JFK alsoِ made itsِ way onto Hopper’s list ofِ worst airports forِ winter travel.

6. Newark Liberty International Airport

New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International isِ anotherِ airport thatِ hasِ foundِ its wayِ onِ a lot ofِ negative lists.
Travel + Leisure ranked Newark asِ the thirdِ worst airport forِ delays, reporting that onِ a typical afternoon, youِ haveِ atِ least a 25% chance ofِ havingِ your flight delayed.
Newark wasِ ranked as theِ fourth worst North American airport forِ 2014 byِ A Guide toِ Sleeping inِ Airports.