Airport Screeners to be Monitored for Radiation, TSA Says


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Airport Screeners to be Monitored for Radiation, TSA Says

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) isِ looking toِ monitor theِ levels ofِ radiation thatِ itsِ employees areِ exposed toِ fromِ X-ray technology, including airport body scanners, a document fromِ the agency says.
In theِ document, theِ TSA saidِ itِ plans toِ start performing radiation measurements usingِ personal dosimeters, whichِ areِ devices worn onِ the body thatِ measure a person’s exposure toِ radiation, atِ certain airports.
Such devices areِ used byِ people whoِ work nearِ sources ofِ radiation  such asِ hospital andِ nuclear power plant employees.

Airport screening and radiation

Some ofِ the airport body scanners, knownِ asِ backscatter scanners, emit X-rays whichِ bounce offِ the body toِ create anِ image.
Michael McCarthy, a spokesman forِ TSA, saidِ personal dosimeters areِ not currentlyِ used byِ TSA employees becauseِ the level ofِ radiation theyِ areِ exposed toِ isِ well belowِ the minimum threshold whereِ personal dosimeters wouldِ beِ required.
Even thoughِ theِ radiation doses areِ likely toِ beِ very low, Elsayyad saidِ the doses shouldِ still beِ confirmed usingِ dosimeters.

Gray area

The body scanners emit aboutِ 0.15 microsieverts ofِ radiation perِ scan.
This dose isِ equivalent toِ theِ radiation a person wouldِ beِ exposed toِ inِ two minutes ofِ flying inِ anِ airplane, theِ TSA said.
Jacqueline Williams, a radiation expert atِ the University ofِ Rochester inِ New York.