A Daily Drink May Reduce Stroke Risk in Women


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A Daily Drink May Reduce Stroke Risk in Women

Drinking alcohol moderately mayِ lowerِ women’s risk ofِ stroke, according toِ a newِ 26-year study ofِ 84,000 women.
Women whoِ drank lowِ amounts ofِ alcohol — aboutِ half ofِ a glass ofِ wine perِ day, onِ average — wereِ 17 percent lessِ likely toِ haveِ a stroke compared withِ women whoِ drank noِ alcohol.
Women whoِ drank aboutِ a glass a day wereِ 21 percent lessِ likely toِ haveِ a stroke thanِ abstainers.

Those who drank more alcohol showed no reduction in stroke risk, according to the study.

The data areِ consistent withِ current guidelines forِ women aboutِ drinking alcohol, whichِ suggest thereِ isِ a modest reduction inِ stroke risk forِ women whoِ drink lessِ than oneِ drink perِ day, theِ researchers concluded.
The study showed anِ association, notِ a cause-and-effect link, andِ was limited inِ that itِ relied onِ the participants toِ report theirِ ownِ alcohol consumption.

The study was published on yesterday (March 8) in the journal Stroke.

Alcohol and stroke risk

In theِ study, researchers atِ Brigham andِ Women’s Hospital inِ Boston looked atِ 84,000 women who, atِ the study’s start, hadِ no evidence ofِ cardiovascular disease andِ were betweenِ 30 andِ 55 years old.
Of theِ 25,000 women whoِ drank noِ alcohol, 1,045 suffered a stroke.
About 30 percent ofِ women inِ the study reported thatِ they neverِ drank alcohol, andِ 35 percent reported drinking veryِ little, forِ example, lessِ than halfِ of a glass ofِ wine perِ day, onِ average.

How it works

There areِ several ways theِ link betweenِ drinking andِ stroke risk couldِ beِ explained, theِ researchers said.
Alcohol mayِ haveِ compounds thatِ increase good cholesterol andِ prevent blood clots.
The results areِ inline withِ a previous study, whichِ foundِ a 20 toِ 30 percent lowerِ risk ofِ stroke among men andِ women whoِ drank lowِ amounts ofِ alcohol, compared withِ people whoِ didn’tِ drink alcohol.