9 Organic Makeup Products Every Girl Should Try


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9 Organic Makeup Products Every Girl Should Try

“Organic,” “all-natural,” andِ “pure” aren’t justِ buzzwords usedِ forِ the foods you’re putting inِ your body — theyِ shouldِ alsoِ apply toِ theِ products you’re putting onِ your skin, too.
You don’t wantِ toِ feed yourِ face withِ makeup thatِ hasِ potentially harmful chemicals andِ preservatives.
Put theِ pretty backِ in yourِ cosmetics bag withِ theseِ nineِ natural makeup products thatِ areِ perfectly suited toِ enhance yourِ ownِ intrinsic beauty asِ naturally asِ possible.

1. Vapour Organic Beauty Halo Illuminator

When itِ comesِ to creating a beautiful au naturel look, it’s allِ aboutِ that innerِ (and outer!) glow.
Vapour Organic Beauty’s Halo Illuminator isِ that secret sauce thatِ will bring a certainِ je ne sais quoi toِ your face.
Also worthy ofِ note inِ Vapour Organic’s product lineup isِ the Solar Translucent Bronzer thatِ will put theِ sun-kissed effect inِ that glow ofِ yours withoutِ anyِ harmful effects fromِ the sun’s rays — orِ harsh chemical formulas.

2. Mad Hippie Facial SPF

Speaking ofِ the sun, anyِ good makeup regimen needsِ a facial SPF, andِ Mad Hippie hasِ anِ all-natural, chemical-free SPF 30 thatِ utilizes zinc oxide, whichِ isِ one ofِ the safest andِ most natural sun-blocking agents available.
Combined withِ a cocktail ofِ other protective, antioxidant oils including red raspberry seed oil, avocado oil, andِ carrot seed oil, plusِ vitamins C andِ E, thisِ product offers plenty ofِ good hippie magic.
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3. Alima Pure Pressed Foundation

If you’re goingِ the au naturel route, butِ still wantِ theِ coverage ofِ a foundation, lookِ no furtherِ than Alima Pure Pressed Foundation withِ Rosehip Antioxidant Complex.
Silky rice andِ mica powders provide smooth, even, and buildable coverage whileِ theِ rosehip soothes, protects, and revitalizes delicate facial skin.
Additionally, itِ alsoِ includes evening primrose oil forِ a moisturizing andِ toning effect alongِ with calendula andِ chamomile flower extracts forِ anti-inflammatory andِ protective benefits.

4. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

A two-fer isِ alwaysِ a good look, andِ RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek pulls double-duty, offering natural mineral color forِ bothِ lips andِ cheeks whileِ alsoِ providing hydration andِ protection.
With seven Lip2Cheek colors, crafted fromِ nourishing, organic ingredients, eachِ shade alsoِ has theِ flexibility toِ goِ fromِ a youthful sheer lookِ to a moreِ densely colored stain depending onِ application.
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5. Kjaer Weis Mascara

“Our organic Mascara isِ a true game-changer.
While sheِ mayِ beِ biased, we’re bound toِ believeِ her.
Not onlyِ isِ she a veteran makeup artist — soِ sheِ knowsِ herِ cosmetics — theِ mascara reallyِ isِ like a magic wand withِ itsِ formula ofِ jojoba seed oil that’s rich inِ healthy fatty acids alongِ with beeswax, vitamin A, andِ carnauba wax.

6. Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Precision Eye Pencil

Because youِ reallyِ cannotِ have mascara withoutِ eyeliner, Juice Beauty’s Phyto-Pigments Precision Eye Pencil creates impactful definition sans theِ aging, drying, andِ irritating chemicals foundِ in someِ conventional formulas.
Rich inِ antioxidants, theِ product isِ colored withِ intense plant-derived phyto-pigments thatِ stay soft andِ creamy forِ effortless blending.
Available inِ charcoal, black, andِ brown, it’s perfect forِ daytime subtle enhancement orِ nighttime’s smoky drama.

7. HAN Lip Gloss

Concentrated withِ antioxidant- andِ vitamin-rich argan andِ açaí oils toِ hydrate andِ treat lips, HAN Skin Care Cosmetics’ lip gloss formula isِ 100% natural — andِ 100% kissable.
Its infusion ofِ anti-aging super-fruit extracts andِ vitamins areِ just theِ lip service youِ want.
Plus, theِ color options areِ allِ nature-derived fromِ plant andِ vegetable sources.

8. Beautycounter Lip Sheer

Another option toِ put theِ pucker inِ your pout isِ with Beautycounter’s Lip Sheer.
The silky-smooth, long-lasting formula isِ lightweight yetِ ultra-moisturizing forِ the perfect mix ofِ sheer color andِ polished sheen.
Oh, andِ if youِ wantِ someِ extra TLC forِ those lips, Beautycounter hasِ a Lip Conditioner Peppermint Balm that’s madeِ with soothing andِ softening avocado oil, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, andِ jojoba oil.

9. S.W. Basics Eye Makeup Remover

When it’s time toِ takeِ that makeup off, it’s important you’re doingِ so justِ asِ naturally.
Basics Eye Makeup Remover isِ aboutِ as simple (and effective) asِ it gets.
A mixture ofِ super-light, organic sweet almond oil, organic extra-virgin olive oil, andِ organic jojoba oil doesِ the trick inِ gettingِ off allِ that product, especiallyِ the mascara andِ eye liner, withoutِ leaving anyِ residue orِ burning yourِ eyes.