8 Things Successful People Do in The Morning


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8 Things Successful People Do in The Morning

The firstِ hour ofِ your work day isِ one ofِ the mostِ critical times.
If youِ wantِ toِ stay onِ top ofِ your game, it’s important toِ makeِ sure yourِ day starts right.
If youِ don’t start offِ on theِ rightِ foot, yourِ day couldِ becomeِ unnecessarily chaotic.

1. They delay checking email

You mightِ reason ifِ you check justِ one email firstِ thing inِ the morning, itِ should beِ fine.
And whoِ canِ check email withoutِ eventually responding toِ oneِ or twoِ ofِ them.
Before youِ knowِ it, you’re spending halfِ the morning responding toِ messages andِ getting stressed outِ beforeِ your day hasِ barely begun.

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2. They set aside time for visualization

One key toِ attaining success isِ to visualize yourselfِ withِ whatِ you want.
The mostِ accomplished people knowِ ifِ you can’t seeِ the endِ goal, it’s unlikelyِ you’ll achieve whatِ you’ve set outِ to do.
Media personality Oprah Winfrey saidِ she relies onِ a vision board toِ helpِ her achieve herِ dreams.

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3. They exercise

There’s nothing like a morning workout to get you moving. | iStock.com/warrengoldswain

There’s nothingِ likeِ a workout firstِ thing inِ the morning toِ getِ your blood pumping andِ prepare yourِ mind forِ the day.
If youِ wantِ toِ getِ a boost ofِ energy thatِ will lastِ longer thanِ your morning cup ofِ coffee, put onِ your workout gear andِ squeeze inِ a quick workout.
Former President Barack Obama told Men’s Health thatِ heِ wakes upِ early toِ work outِ forِ 45 minutes, sixِ days a week.

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4. They pray or meditate

Constant stress hasِ a wayِ ofِ making itِ hard toِ focus.
This isِ why theِ mostِ successful people carve outِ time forِ prayer andِ meditation.
Actress Jennifer Aniston, ofِ Friends fame, saidِ she begins andِ ends herِ day withِ meditation.

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5. They say positive affirmations

If youِ don’t believeِ in yourself, whoِ will.
The firstِ step toِ achieve career andِ life success isِ to believeِ you canِ do it.
Your thoughts greatly impact theِ outcome ofِ whatever itِ isِ you areِ trying toِ accomplish.

Next: Plan.

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6. They plan their day

Having a solid plan willِ helpِ ensure yourِ work day doesn’t getِ out ofِ control.
Take a moment toِ sit downِ andِ map outِ what you’d likeِ to getِ doneِ andِ when.
This wayِ theِ littleِ (yet important) thingsِ won’t slip throughِ theِ cracks.

Next: Eat.

7. They eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast mightِ helpِ you start yourِ work day sooner, butِ it’ll cost you.
Consequently, insteadِ of feeling recharged, you’ll justِ feel bloated andِ sluggish.
Instead, makeِ time toِ haveِ good breakfast.

Next: Get dressed.

8. They have their work outfit ready

Successful people don’t spend a lot ofِ time gettingِ ready inِ the morning.
They alreadyِ know whatِ theyِ areِ going toِ wear.
Some successful CEOs save a significant amount ofِ time byِ wearing theِ same, orِ similar, outfits everyِ day.