8 Homeopathic Solutions Big Pharmaceuticals Companies Don’t Want You to Know


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8 Homeopathic Solutions Big Pharmaceuticals Companies Don’t Want You to Know

We hate toِ state theِ obvious, butِ you mayِ beِ getting a cold.
Instead ofِ riding itِ out andِ avoiding over-the-counter cold medications, opt forِ something a littleِ more natural.
From anِ Emergen-C alternative toِ a home remedy thatِ isِ sure toِ send yourِ cold packing, weِ share a roundup ofِ homeopathic cold medications toِ try thisِ cold season.

1. Nature’s Way Umcka ColdCare Soothing Hot Drink

Instead ofِ reaching forِ a packet ofِ Emergen-C, goِ forِ something a littleِ more natural withِ Nature’s Way Soothing Hot Drink ($10.99).
Clinically proven toِ shorten theِ duration andِ severity ofِ a cold, theseِ littleِ packets areِ the ultimate secret weapon againstِ cold season.
Unlike otherِ flavored hot drinks, thisِ oneِ actuallyِ tastes reallyِ good — likeِ real lemon tea.

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2. Vitamin D

According toِ Homeopathy Plus, anotherِ key wayِ toِ bid colds adieu isِ with a vitamin D supplement.
Vitamin D works toِ helpِ the body’s immune system respond toِ viruses andِ bacteria.
We love OLLY Nutrition Hello Sunshine ($13.99) asِ a tasteful wayِ toِ incorporate vitamin D intoِ our diets.

3. Sambucol Black Elderberry Immunity Support Syrup

Going onِ a Target run.
Add Immunity Support Syrup ($9.29) toِ your list.
Made fromِ black elderberry extract — whichِ canِ strengthen theِ immune system — thisِ stuff canِ help youِ stay healthy throughِ cold andِ flu season.

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4. Nature’s Way Umcka ColdCare Cold Plus Flu Syrup

If you’re lookingِ forِ a commercialized homeopathic cold remedy, tryِ Nature’s Way Cold Plus Flu Syrup ($11.95).
Formulated withِ pelargonium sidoides andِ alpha CF inِ a black elderberry extract base, thisِ store-bought homeopathic cold andِ flu syrup combines twoِ types ofِ medicines toِ ward offِ cold andِ flu symptoms andِ get youِ feeling betterِ in noِ time.

5. Zinc

According toِ Homeopathy Plus, zinc isِ anotherِ way youِ canِ nip a cold inِ the bud.
Vital forِ immune function, zinc canِ help T-cells recognize bacteria, viruses, andِ other foreign invaders.
So, theِ nextِ time youِ feel a cold coming onِ — or, areِ worried aboutِ getting sick — tryِ takingِ a zinc supplement toِ ward offِ bacteria andِ symptoms.

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6. Oil of oregano

With oil ofِ oregano.
Oz, oil ofِ oregano canِ beِ used asِ a homeopathic treatment forِ allِ kinds ofِ ailments.
So, howِ doِ you useِ it.

7. Garlic and honey

If you’re feeling brave, youِ canِ alsoِ make a mixture outِ ofِ garlic andِ honey toِ getِ rid ofِ a cold.
According toِ Homeopathy Plus, “garlic isِ fantastic atِ treating sore throats andِ infections.” They suggest crushing upِ fiveِ cloves ofِ garlic inِ a cup ofِ raw honey.
Allow theِ mixture toِ sit forِ a couple ofِ hours untilِ itِ becomesِ runny andِ thin, thenِ takeِ teaspoonfuls asِ needed.


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8. Bee Propolis Immune Support Sore Throat Spray

Whether youِ haveِ a cold, dry cough, sore throat, orِ allِ of theِ above, Sore Throat Spray ($13.95) canِ offer someِ relief.
Known asِ nature’s ultimate protector andِ the hive’s immune system, bee propolis hasِ beenِ used forِ centuries toِ combat variousِ cold ailments andِ boost theِ body’s immune system.