8 Habits of People With Good Looking Hair


It’s really easy to damage your hair with too much heat from your blow dryer or flat iron. | iStock.com/MilanMarkovic

8 Habits of People With Good Looking Hair

Those head-turning Barbie-esque women andِ men walking among usِ with voluminous, shiny locks haveِ us stumped — whatِ doesِ it takeِ to haveِ a nice head ofِ hair.
With soِ manyِ products outِ there claiming toِ smooth, straighten, de-frizz andِ deep-moisturize hair inِ just oneِ or twoِ uses, itِ canِ beِ easy toِ rely onِ a quick fix.
But ifِ you’re dealing withِ thin, dry, unmanageable hair andِ can’t seemِ to find a resolution, youِ mightِ want toِ adopt someِ ofِ these everyday habits.

1. They use a heat protectant

These days, owning a hair straightener andِ curling iron isِ like owning a toothbrush andِ floss — they’re essential grooming tools.
Even ifِ you onlyِ use themِ sparingly, youِ shouldِ still beِ using somethingِ to protect yourِ strands.
“Heat protectants helpِ keep yourِ hair protected andِ reduce theِ amount ofِ damage caused byِ heat styling,” Calvin Louis, hairstylist andِ founder ofِ ManeFrame inِ Los Angeles, saidِ inِ anِ interview withِ The Cheat Sheet.

Even your diet can impact the strength and length of your hair. | iStock.com/JulijaDmitrijeva

2. They eat a healthy diet

You alreadyِ know howِ important itِ isِ to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet onِ the reg, butِ you mightِ not haveِ realized howِ beneficial itِ isِ forِ your hair.
Those withِ stunning, long locks haveِ a secret whenِ itِ comesِ to theirِ daily grub — it’s eating a protein- andِ nutrient-packed diet.
To prevent this, load upِ onِ eggs, salmon, meat, nuts, andِ yogurt, whichِ allِ contain high amounts ofِ protein.

3. They often take supplements

Vitamin andِ mineral supplements helpِ more thanِ justِ your internal organs — theyِ alsoِ boost theِ health ofِ your skin, hair, nails, andِ more.
“Taking supplements suchِ asِ vitamin C, biotin, Vitamin B3, andِ Vitamin A willِ helpِ with hair growth andِ maintaining a healthy scalp,” Louis said.
Before heading toِ your local drugstore, it’s a smart idea toِ speak withِ your doctor toِ goِ over whichِ vitamins andِ nutrients willِ beِ most beneficial.

4. They wash their hair regularly

Vitamin supplements are great for giving your hair added nutrients. | iStock.com

Don’t beِ fooled byِ the advice thatِ washing yourِ hair lessِ isِ better.
While washing itِ too oftenِ — asِ in, moreِ than onceِ a day — canِ cause dryness andِ lackluster texture, threeِ days withoutِ lathering upِ shouldِ beِ the limit.
“If youِ haveِ goneِ a long time withoutِ cleansing, shampoo twice.

5. They invest in quality shampoo

It mightِ beِ tempting toِ save onِ drugstore orِ evenِ dollar store shampoos andِ conditioners.
But, ifِ you spend anyِ time inِ a colorist’s orِ stylist’s chair, it’s smart toِ notِ skimp onِ this purchase.
“I tellِ allِ my clients thatِ ifِ they haveِ to choose betweenِ splurging onِ a shampoo orِ conditioner, splurge onِ the shampoo,” saidِ Louis.

6. They brush their hair daily

You should wash your hair regularly. | iStock.com/Anna Omelchenko

If yourِ hair isِ longer thanِ your chin, youِ probablyِ alreadyِ brush itِ atِ least onceِ or twiceِ a day, butِ Ungaro pointed outِ that it’s alsoِ essential toِ brush beforeِ you shower.
“We lose aboutِ 100 hairs a day, whichِ getِ trapped betweenِ our locks andِ cause tangles thatِ turn intoِ knots youِ haveِ to fight inِ the shower,” sheِ explained.
“But brushing yourِ hair beforeِ stepping intoِ the shower canِ significantly helpِ eliminate allِ of theِ shedding you’d normallyِ see whenِ you rinse yourِ hair withِ conditioner.” She alsoِ recommends usingِ a mason pearson brush, whichِ isِ made ofِ natural boar bristles mixed withِ nylon.

7. They do Keratin treatments

Keratin isِ a protein that’s naturally foundِ in hair, skin, andِ nails.
When yourِ hair isِ damaged, fromِ over-processing itِ or usingِ styling tools, itِ means yourِ keratin levels areِ depleted.
But thanksِ to modern technology, keratin canِ beِ put backِ into theِ hair strands inِ a process knownِ asِ keratin treatments.

8. They get a trim every 2 to 3 months

A great shampoo is imperative to keeping your hair shiny and clean. | iStock.com

If youِ wantِ strong, lustrous locks, turns outِ you haveِ to trim themِ pretty often.
It mightِ not beِ true thatِ your hair grows backِ faster, butِ it certainlyِ grows backِ healthier.
“By gettingِ regular hair cuts, you’re preventing anyِ split ends fromِ starting andِ allowing theِ hair strand toِ stay healthy andِ grow longer,” saidِ Ungaro.

9. They give themselves scalp massages

Just likeِ you’d treat yourselfِ toِ a massage whenِ you’re onِ vacation orِ simply feeling achy, yourِ scalp deserves theِ sameِ TLC.
“Stimulating theِ scalp notِ only feels amazing, butِ it alsoِ gets theِ blood flowing andِ allows yourِ hair follicles toِ receive nutrients toِ grow healthy,” Louis said.
Just rub yourِ fingers throughِ your scalp inِ circular motions forِ a fewِ minutes.

10. They coat their strands with oils

It turns out, oils aren’t justِ forِ cooking.
They’re alsoِ excellent forِ your hair, providing long-lasting moisture throughoutِ theِ day.
Other oils thatِ areِ great forِ the hair include olive, coconut, andِ jojoba., 7 ] .