8 Celebrities Who Really Hate Ivanka Trump

Hate Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

8 Celebrities Who Really Hate Ivanka Trump

Prior toِ herِ father’s run forِ president andِ subsequent win, Ivanka Trump wasِ seenِ asِ a smart, savvy businesswoman.
Unlike herِ siblings, sheِ carved outِ a space forِ herself inِ the fashion business world, andِ she wasِ well-respected among manyِ people.
Many celebrities haveِ spoken outِ againstِ the president’s daughter calling her “cowardly” andِ “uninspired” forِ not standing upِ toِ herِ father.

1. Chelsea Handler

Left: Chelsea Handler | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Right: Ivanka Trump | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Chelsea Handler hasِ never hadِ anyِ problems withِ speaking herِ mind.
Since theِ campaign, theِ comedian hasِ beenِ vocal aboutِ her disdain forِ Donald Trump andِ his policies.
Ivanka Trump hasِ alsoِ been a subject ofِ herِ ire.

2. Scarlett Johansson

In theirِ youth, Scarlett Johansson andِ Ivanka Trump ran inِ the sameِ circles, whichِ isِ why Johansson isِ so baffled byِ the latter’s present day behavior.
The Avengers actress appeared onِ Saturday Night Live playing Trump inِ anِ ad forِ a perfume called “Complicit.“ The sketch called it, “the fragrance forِ the woman whoِ canِ stop allِ this … butِ won’t.” When Trump wasِ interviewed byِ Gayle King onِ CBS, sheِ tried toِ defend herselfِ againstِ the sketch saying, If beingِ complicit isِ wanting toِ beِ a force forِ good andِ to makeِ a positive impact, thenِ I’m complicit.
If youِ takeِ a job asِ a public advocate, thenِ you haveِ to advocate publicly.”

3. Helen Mirren

Left: Hellen Mirren | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Right: Ivanka Trump | Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

When Dame Helen Mirren doesn’t haveِ anythingِ nice toِ sayِ aboutِ you, that’s probablyِ a reallyِ bad thing.
The legendary actress didِ not bite herِ tongue whenِ expressing herِ disdain forِ the president andِ his daughter.
Her book Women Who Work] isِ so ignorant aboutِ how theِ majority ofِ women live, talking aboutِ ‘Make time forِ yourself toِ haveِ a massage.’ Puh-lease.”

4. Trevor Noah

After finding hisِ stride onِ The Daily Show, Trevor Noah hasn’t held backِ when itِ comesِ to confronting theِ issues thatِ Americans face today, including theِ current administration.
After initially promising toِ advocate forِ women, President Trump’s daughter, ofِ course, saidِ she supported theِ decision toِ roll backِ Obama-era legislation thatِ advocated forِ equal pay forِ women.
That led Noah toِ call herِ out, evenِ referring toِ herِ asِ Rose fromِ Titanic.

On an episode of The Daily Show, he said,

If you’ve beenِ watching theِ Trump campaign, youِ knowِ that oneِ ofِ Ivanka’s big issues isِ equal pay inِ the workplace.
She justِ treated equal pay theِ way Rose treated Jack.
I’ll neverِ letِ go, pay equality… OK, bye-bye.

5. Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman triedِ toِ getِ to Ivanka Trump directly.
The comedian doesِ not play aboutِ women’s rights, andِ she evenِ slid intoِ Trump’s DMs toِ try andِ see whereِ herِ head wasِ at.
She spoke aboutِ the incident onِ Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea saying, “I actuallyِ saw thatِ sheِ followsِ me onِ Twitter andِ I direct-messaged herِ andِ I wasِ like, ‘This isِ your chance.

6. Bill Maher

Left: Bill Maher | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Electric Entertainment, Right: Ivanka Trump | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Though he’s evenِ crossed theِ line himself, Bill Maher hasِ never hadِ anyِ problem goingِ forِ the jugular onِ hisِ show, Real Time withِ Bill Maher.
After President Trump announced hisِ ban onِ transgender people inِ the military (which failed), Maher letِ himِ andِ his daughter haveِ it, especiallyِ since theِ latterِ hasِ supposedly beenِ an advocate ofِ the LGTBQ community inِ the past.

Maher called her, “the greatest disappointment” of Trump’s presidency.

7. Debra Messing

Debra Messing hasِ beenِ eviscerating theِ president sinceِ hisِ time onِ the campaign trials.
Now sheِ hasِ set herِ sights onِ hisِ daughter.
You canِ change theِ lives ofِ millions ofِ women andِ children justِ byِ telling yourِ dad stories aboutِ real people whoِ areِ suffering.

Messing also added that she needs to “stop blindly defending” her father.

8. Chrissy Teigen

Who doesn’t adore Chrissy Teigen.
The model wasِ finally rewarded withِ theِ prize ofِ beingِ blocked byِ President Trump onِ Twitter afterِ trolling himِ forِ months andِ months.
When sheِ tweeted, “Cuddling myِ littleِ nephew Luke… theِ bestِ part ofِ anِ otherwise incredible day!,”  Teigen politely responded byِ saying,”‘Otherwise’ implies youِ didِ not likeِ hangin withِ thisِ baby.” It’s notِ one ofِ Teigen’s Hall ofِ Fame level tweets, butِ it wasِ stillِ a thrill overall.