7 Runway-Inspired Fashion Trends You Can Wear to Work


7 Runway-Inspired Fashion Trends You Can Wear to Work

It’s easy toِ getِ caught upِ inِ the glitz andِ glamour ofِ fashion week (fashion month, reallyِ since fashion week inِ New York, London, Milan, andِ Paris flow oneِ right intoِ the next).
But while a lot ofِ the pieces thatِ come down theِ runways areِ aesthetically pleasing andِ inspiring, onlyِ select trends areِ practical enoughِ for real life.
Luckily, we’re hereِ to tellِ you howِ it’s done.

1. Velvet blazer

In theِ pastِ fewِ seasons, we’ve seenِ designers, suchِ asِ Alexander Wang, work hard toِ takeِ a casual approach toِ incorporate thisِ rich, luxe fabric intoِ their collections.
Victoria Beckham’s spring/summer 2017 collection consisted ofِ multiple pieces cut fromِ soft, crushed denim.
Wear itِ to work inِ the form ofِ a structured blazer.

2. Menswear-inspired pants

There wereِ tons ofِ fall/winter 2016 looksِ that resembled menswear.
After all, whereِ betterِ to lookِ forِ inspiration thanِ menswear whenِ itِ comesِ to theِ office? Paul & Joe‘s stretch-twill striped trousers areِ elegant andِ give anِ elongated illusion.
The brand isِ known forِ its nostalgic 1970s flare, whichِ weِ love.

3. Floral dress

For theِ office, goِ with black asِ a base forِ a moreِ subdued effect.
We love thisِ gorgeous Topshop sheath dress.
The floral pattern isِ alluring yetِ sophisticated.

4. Cape-effect sweater

For theِ office, perhapsِ a cape-like sweater mightِ beِ more appropriate.
We love thisِ cozy black andِ gray Tomas Maier sweater.
Wear yoursِ withِ black skinny-leg trousers andِ patent-leather ankle boots.

5. Off-the-shoulder

The off-the-shoulder trend hasِ taken theِ fashion world byِ storm.
However, a completely bare décolletage mightِ beِ a littleِ bit tooِ muchِ skin forِ the office.
Instead, this MICHAEL byِ Michael Kors little black dress withِ cutout shoulders strikes theِ perfect balance betweenِ trendy andِ professional, revealing justِ enoughِ shoulder toِ exude femininity withoutِ coming across asِ too sexy.

6. Asymmetrical hem

Asymmetrical hemlines, otherwiseِ knownِ asِ high-low, wereِ seenِ onِ the runway forِ fall/winter 2016.
We love this Stella McCartney dress madeِ fromِ stretch crepe.
Wear yoursِ withِ a statement necklace andِ natural makeup.

7. Midi skirts

Midi skirts areِ great forِ the office becauseِ you neverِ haveِ to worry aboutِ whether theِ hemline mightِ beِ too short.
Ever sinceِ Alessandro Michele tookِ theِ helm at Gucci, he’s updated theِ classic retro designs toِ create modern pieces forِ the modern woman.
We love thisِ striped skirt inِ Gucci’s signature colors.