6 Winter Lip Colors That Look Fantastic on Everyone


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6 Winter Lip Colors That Look Fantastic on Everyone

Am I wearing theِ wrong makeup.
Many ofِ those concerns areِ less pressing whenِ itِ comesِ to yourِ lip color.
As withِ anyِ other season orِ area ofِ your face, itِ helps toِ knowِ your skin tone andِ undertones.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose

Makeup artists Kirin Bhatty tells Birdie thatِ Charlotte Tilbury’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
lipstick inِ Stoned Rose isِ “the perfect nude-y rose andِ looks good onِ almost everyone!” Fall isِ the perfect time toِ transition awayِ from theِ bright pinks andِ corals manyِ of usِ favor inِ the summer, andِ reach forِ something deeper instead.
This lip color mayِ beِ the perfect product toِ achieve thatِ goal.

2. Clinique Black Honey

Clinique’s Almost Lipstick inِ Black Honey isِ a cult-favorite lip color that’s oftenِ describedِ asِ a universally flattering shade.
As Lexy Lesback reports forِ Byrdie, it’s a sheer, deep burgundy lip color (perfect forِ fall!) that’s somewhereِ betweenِ a lipstick andِ a gloss.
You canِ layer multiple coats forِ a moreِ intense color, orِ keepِ things light forِ a sheer wash ofِ color thatِ flatters everyِ skin tone.

3. COVERGIRL Blossom Berry

Amanda Montell reports forِ Byrdie thatِ the best-selling fall lip color inِ New York City, according toِ a team ofِ data experts atِ Amazon, isِ a $9 CoverGirl shade.
The brand’s Outlast All-Day Moisturizing Lip Color inِ Blossom Berry offers a “cool-girl mauve shade, long-wear formula, andِ moisturizing topcoat for hydration andِ a hint ofِ shine.” Its popularity attests toِ itsِ ability toِ flatter a wide variety ofِ complexions.
, 7 ] .

4. MAC Ruby Woo

MAC’s famous Ruby Woo isِ a lipstick withِ a cult following, thanksِ inِ no small part toِ theِ way itِ flatters everyِ skin tone andِ undertone.
The matte finish makesِ the color moreِ intense andِ even moreِ flattering.
Need proof? You’re justِ a quick Google search fromِ countless photos fromِ the shade’s loyal fans.

5. NARS Dolce Vita

Taylor Ellsworth reports forِ XOVain thatِ oneِ ofِ the (many) thingsِ sheِ learned whileِ working a retail beauty job wasِ thatِ NARS Dolce Vita isِ a shade thatِ looksِ good onِ everyone.
Regardless ofِ the formula — there’s a lip pencil, gloss, andِ sheer lipstick availableِ — thisِ isِ the “perfect pinky-nude, your-lips-but-better shade.” According toِ Ellsworth, “everyone whoِ wears makeup everِ should ownِ this shade inِ atِ least oneِ formula.” , 7 ] .

6. NARS Lana

If red isِ more yourِ style thanِ pink, theِ universally flattering NARS shade youِ shouldِ try isِ Lana.
Julie Schott reports forِ Elle thatِ NARS Audacious Lipstick inِ Lana isِ makeup artist Robin Black’s pick forِ the “holy grail ofِ fire-starting lip colors.” According toِ Black, theِ shade isِ beautiful onِ almost everyone.
It’s gorgeous withِ blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes — itِ just brightens upِ theِ face.” , 7 ] .

7. Tom Ford Black Dahlia

As makeup artist andِ photographer Robin Black reports forِ Elle, it’s notِ justِ neutrals andِ classic reds thatِ work onِ everybody.
Tom Ford’s Lip Color Matte inِ Black Dahlia isِ a bold hue that’s surprisingly flattering onِ a wide range ofِ complexions.
Black saysِ that it’s a “balanced shade,” withِ bothِ a slightly cool undertone andِ a hint ofِ warmth.