6 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Hair


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6 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Hair

Being a well-groomed man means thatِ you spend time onِ upkeep, skin care, andِ of course, yourِ hair, whichِ isِ anِ essential component ofِ your routine.
From shampooing tooِ manyِ times a week, waiting tooِ long in-between hair cuts, orِ taking itِ upon yourself to dye itِ atِ home, here areِ six thingsِ you shouldِ neverِ doِ to yourِ hair.
There’s noِ needِ to risk damaging yourِ handsome mug.

1. Get a trendy hair cut that you know is not you

While we definitely recommend keeping upِ with trends whenِ itِ comesِ to theِ latest inِ menswear, weِ feel a littleِ differently whenِ itِ comesِ to ourِ hair.
If notِ forِ the mostِ important reason: Not onlyِ mayِ the latest hairstyle notِ fit yourِ face, butِ it mayِ not fit intoِ your overallِ style andِ what’s comfortable andِ easy enoughِ to maintain atِ home.
Before youِ switch upِ your ‘do, doِ your research andِ consult withِ a professional.

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2. Overwash it

Washing yourِ locks tooِ muchِ canِ really doِ a number onِ it.
“Hair produces natural oil called sebum, andِ shampoo isِ anِ emulsifier thatِ captures andِ traps excess oil, dirt, andِ product residue, whichِ you thenِ rinse outِ to clean theِ hair,” Angela Lamb, M.D., anِ assistant professor ofِ dermatology atِ the Icahn School ofِ Medicine atِ Mount Sinai inِ New York City, tells WebMD.
For theِ mostِ part, someِ dirt isِ OK andِ natural, soِ you wantِ someِ ofِ those oils toِ remain.

3. Wait too long for a trim or cut

You shouldِ try yourِ hardest toِ notِ skip yourِ hair appointment.
Celebrity hairstylist Amy Komorowski tells Men’s Fitness thatِ sheِ recommends thatِ mostِ men getِ hair cuts aboutِ once a month, butِ it depends onِ their hair.
For someِ guys, hair grows quickly, andِ they mayِ need additional cuts inِ a month.

4. Towel dry your hair too roughly

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The Huffington Post refers toِ rough toweling asِ “manhandling” wet hair, andِ we couldn’t agree moreِ with thisِ accurate description.
When yourِ locks are soaking wet, they’re weaker, fragile, andِ more susceptible toِ breakage.
Instead ofِ rubbing, gently press theِ water outِ orِ use a towel orِ shirt madeِ of microfiber becauseِ it’s smoother andِ won’t damage yourِ hair.

5. Dye it yourself

Dying yourِ hair atِ home canِ beِ disastrous — unlessِ you’re dying someِ grays outِ ofِ your beard, whichِ isِ a differentِ story.
The Huffington Post says at-home color isِ a big no-no.
Most people don’t pick theِ rightِ shade forِ their skin tone andِ run theِ risk ofِ over-coloring it and turning itِ too dark.

6. Work against your male pattern baldness

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Donald Trump isِ the poster man forِ what notِ to doِ if youِ haveِ male pattern baldness.
Let himِ simply beِ a warning toِ you all: Avoid styling yourِ hair inِ a manner thatِ exacerbates yourِ thinning hair.
Here areِ are some styles toِ try.

Let the professionals dye it. | iStock.com