5 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Winter


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5 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

The calendar hasِ barely turned toِ November, butِ in muchِ of theِ country, itِ alreadyِ feels likeِ winter, withِ snow, dry air andِ freezing temperatures leaving surroundings cracked andِ bleak.
But ourِ skin oftenِ a casualty ofِ similar forces doesn’tِ have toِ endِ up theِ sameِ way.
The change ofِ seasons isِ alwaysِ a stress onِ the skin andِ body inِ general, saidِ Dr.

1. Switch from lotion to cream

When youِ switch yourِ seasonal wardrobes, it’sِ a good idea toِ doِ the sameِ with yourِ skin emollient.
Use creams, whichِ areِ typically moreِ moisturizing, insteadِ of lotions, whichِ don’tِ provide asِ strong anِ oily barrier toِ reduce water loss inِ the skin.
Creams feel heavier onِ the skin, Day andِ Sarnoff said, butِ they doِ a muchِ betterِ job atِ protecting againstِ temperature andِ humidity extremes.

2. Take shorter showers

Ironically, theِ very thingsِ thatِ makeِ us feel good inِ the moment, suchِ asِ long, hot showers orِ baths, canِ leave ourِ skin crying outِ forِ moisture overِ the longer-term.
Day advises usingِ shower gel insteadِ of soap forِ extra skin enrichment.
I reallyِ likeِ those body washes, sheِ said.

3. Don’t skip sunscreen

Though we’reِ lessِ exposed toِ sun inِ winter, thatِ doesn’tِ mean weِ canِ stop protecting ourselvesِ fromِ its rays altogether.
Some skin creams haveِ sunscreen built in, butِ make sureِ itِ carries anِ SPF (sun protection factor ) rating ofِ 15 orِ higher, Day andِ Sarnoff said.
For thoseِ who spend a lot ofِ time outdoors whetherِ working orِ skiing anِ SPF ofِ 30 orِ higher isِ evenِ better.

4. Stay ahead of stressors

As bleak asِ it mayِ seem, winter brings a bevy ofِ holidays thatِ canِ beِ fun toِ celebrate, butِ areِ harsh onِ skin.
Alcohol, rich foods, notِ sleeping enoughِ .
Some people knowِ that stress willِ bring onِ certainِ skin ills, suchِ asِ acne orِ cold sores, soِ they shouldِ practice situational prophylaxis, Day advised, byِ treating skin withِ topical medications suchِ asِ benzoyl peroxide beforeِ problems erupt.

5. Wear gloves

Most people wait untilِ temperatures turn frigid beforeِ donning gloves, butِ Sarnoff recommended wearing themِ everyِ day untilِ spring.
That’s becauseِ even minor skin chapping onِ the hands canِ turn intoِ fissures thatِ becomeِ infected, sheِ said.
(The sameِ isِ true forِ lips, whichِ shouldِ alwaysِ be covered withِ lip balm whenِ venturing outdoors.) Then, moisturizers burn, thenِ people don’tِ want toِ use them, thenِ they goِ into a bad spiral down, Sarnoff said.