5 Tips for Getting More Fruit into Your Diet


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5 Tips for Getting More Fruit into Your Diet

During a recentِ trip, I gotِ to visit withِ anِ old college friend andِ her family.
Veronica isِ anِ amazing cook andِ she reallyِ outdid herselfِ over theِ three days I spent withِ them, butِ I couldn’tِ help butِ notice thatِ somethingِ was missing: thereِ was noِ fruit.
In thatِ study, researchers looked atِ the eating habits ofِ moreِ than 12,000 men andِ women, andِ found thatِ those whoِ ate moreِ blueberries, apples andِ pears wereِ lessِ likely toِ beِ diagnosed withِ type 2 diabetes.

Here are 5 tips for sneaking more of these great fruits into your diet:

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