5 Safety Tips for Summer Swimming | River, Lake and Ocean


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5 Safety Tips for Summer Swimming | River, Lake and Ocean

Swimming season hasِ arrived.
Most people knowِ to slather onِ sunscreen atِ the pool orِ the beach, toِ wear a life jacket whenِ boating, andِ to notِ leave children unattended inِ the water.
But hereِ areِ a fewِ lesser-known safety tips thatِ will helpِ your summer goِ off withoutِ a hitch.

Bring vinegar to the beach

If you’reِ enjoying a lovely dip inِ the ocean andِ suddenly feel a searing pain onِ a patch ofِ your arm orِ leg, youِ haveِ probably beenِ stung byِ a jellyfish.
According toِ Jennifer Ping, anِ emergency medicine physician atِ Straub Clinic andِ Hospital inِ Honolulu, youِ shouldِ disregard theِ widespread myth thatِ peeing orِ pouring alcohol onِ your wound makesِ itِ hurt less.
Vinegar isِ a muchِ betterِ treatment, becauseِ its high acidity deactivates theِ nematocytes.

Swim parallel to shore to escape a riptide

Have youِ everِ beenِ swimming inِ the ocean whenِ you suddenly foundِ yourself beingِ sucked outِ to sea.
Riptides form whenِ incoming waves build upِ anِ underwater sandbar close toِ shore.
The waves push moreِ andِ more water inِ betweenِ the sandbar andِ the shore untilِ a narrow section ofِ this sandbar collapses, giving theِ water anِ escape route.

Don’t drink pool water

A swimming pool isِ basically a community bathtub withoutِ theِ shampoo, saidِ Dr.
Chlorine doesِ not kill germs instantly and, inِ fact, doesِ not kill cryptosporidium atِ all, whichِ isِ a common germ thatِ causesِ water-associated gastrointestinal illness.
 Boyce advises parents toِ takeِ kids onِ bathroom breaks often, change theirِ diapers inِ the bathroom, notِ poolside, andِ wash toddlers’ bottoms withِ soap andِ water beforeِ they enter theِ water.

Hold your nose when jumping into rivers and lakes

Untreated freshwater canِ contain someِ particularlyِ nasty microbes, including theِ deadly brain-eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri.
Each year, a handful ofِ Americans getِ one ofِ these killers lodged deep inِ their sinuses byِ plunging intoِ a water hole withoutِ plugging theirِ noses first.
The amoeba infects theِ brain byِ working itsِ way upِ fromِ the nasal passages, andِ there’s nothingِ muchِ doctors canِ do aboutِ it.

Relax to float on your back

If youِ fall outِ ofِ a boat, getِ pulled outِ to sea byِ a current, orِ byِ some otherِ catastrophe find yourselfِ alone inِ the great wide ocean, don’tِ panic.
Breathing deeply draws moreِ oxygen intoِ your body, lowering yourِ overallِ density andِ thereby buoying youِ upِ inِ the water.
Lying backِ alsoِ helps youِ float, becauseِ it makesِ itِ more difficult forِ water toِ flow aroundِ your outstretched body andِ force itِ downward compared toِ when you’reِ upright likeِ a pencil.