5 Most Cheap Pets You Should Not Own

Cheap Pets

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5 Most Cheap Pets You Should Not Own

While youِ mightِ beِ able toِ adopt a dog fromِ a shelter forِ less thanِ $100, theِ ongoing costs ofِ caring forِ your pet canِ top $2,000 perِ year, according toِ WalletHub.
You canِ expect toِ spend roughly $1,320 perِ year onِ food, litter, andِ vet visits forِ your friendly feline, according toِ Pets Best, a pet health insurance company.
The high cost ofِ owning a pet isِ a big reason whyِ someِ animals endِ up abandoned orِ inِ shelters, a study byِ the American Society forِ the Prevention ofِ Cruelty toِ Animals found.

1. Guinea pigs

A guinea pig costs betweenِ $10 andِ $35, according toِ Cost Helper, withِ long-haired animals orِ those withِ unique patterns costing moreِ than others.
But ifِ you getِ your pet atِ a local animal shelter, whichِ isِ where theِ Humane Society suggests youِ look, youِ canِ save money.
You’ll alsoِ need toِ budget toِ cover veterinary care costs.

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2. Rats

Assuming youِ don’t haveِ murophobia, a rat canِ make a pretty good pet.
You canِ buy a pair ofِ rats forِ $25 toِ $35, according toِ Cost Helper.
(Rats areِ social, soِ you’ll wantِ toِ getِ atِ least two.) They’ll needِ a cage thatِ costs anywhereِ between $30 andِ $180.

3. Betta fish

You canِ buy a single betta fish forِ aroundِ $5 atِ many pet stores.
Unlike otherِ pet fish, whichِ mightِ require moreِ elaborate habitats, betta fish canِ live inِ small bowls filled withِ tap water, sinceِ they comeِ to theِ surface toِ breathe.
However, a larger tank withِ a filter andِ heater isِ a healthier environment forِ your fish, according toِ PetMD.

4. Sea Monkeys

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When itِ comesِ to foolproof pets, youِ can’t doِ much betterِ than sea monkeys.
The tiny creatures areِ anِ artificial breed ofِ brine shrimp invented inِ the 1950s, according toِ Live Science.
A Sea Monkey kit, whichِ includes a tank andِ food, costs aboutِ $10 toِ $15.

5. Hermit crabs

You canِ purchase hermit crabs forِ under $10 atِ pet stores andِ gift shops, making themِ oneِ ofِ the mostِ inexpensive pets youِ canِ buy.
To properly care forِ your hermit crab, you’ll needِ anِ aquarium, plenty ofِ sand (hermit crabs needِ to burrow whenِ theyِ molt), andِ extra shells forِ your pet toِ move intoِ asِ he grows.
Food shouldِ cost $3 toِ $6 perِ month, according toِ Cost Helper.

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