4 Ways to immediately Look Younger


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4 Ways to immediately Look Younger

While youِ can’t exactlyِ turn backِ the hands ofِ time, thereِ areِ some tweaks youِ canِ make to yourِ grooming routine that will makeِ you lookِ younger.
While theِ idea ofِ using creams orِ engaging inِ anyِ kind ofِ beauty regimen mayِ not sound manly enough, getِ over it.
Men areِ jumping onِ the beauty wagon andِ stocking theirِ medicine cabinets withِ grooming products too.

1. Tend to those eyes

“The firstِ obvious signs ofِ aging areِ the fine lines aroundِ the eyes,” Michael Bruggeman, founder ofِ natural skin care line Organic Male OM4, told Men’s Fitness.
Since skin underِ theِ eyes isِ very thin, it’s easily susceptible toِ allِ the elements, andِ it’s oneِ ofِ the firstِ things onِ your face thatِ canِ really show notِ only yourِ age butِ how tired youِ are.
Although takingِ care ofِ eye wrinkles isِ something youِ needِ to work onِ in the long run, youِ canِ try toِ eliminate dark circles, puffiness, andِ bags with natural ingredients likeِ soothing cucumber, according toِ Men’s Fitness.

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2. Dye grey hair

Some men beginِ to grey earlier thanِ others, justِ asِ some experience male pattern baldness starting inِ their 20s.
For most, theِ process begins aroundِ age 35 andِ by age 50, 50% of people areِ gray, Jeffrey Benabio, M.D.
While yourِ bestِ option  is toِ makeِ anِ appointment withِ a stylist whoِ will gradually add lowlights (the oppositeِ ofِ highlights) toِ targeted areas, ifِ you’re experiencing littleِ patches orِ see itِ mostly inِ your beard, takeِ matters intoِ your ownِ hands andِ try Just For Men Brush-In Color Gel forِ Mustache & Beard in theِ closest color toِ your beard.

3. Take care of that skin

The bestِ way toِ prevent furtherِ wrinkles, sunspots, andِ any otherِ discoloration.
Wear a minimum ofِ SPF 30 everyday.
Many moisturizers containِ SPF already, butِ check toِ makeِ sure.

4. Whiten your teeth

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If you’re likeِ most men, youِ drink a lot ofِ coffee, red wine, areِ into yourِ health, andِ eat anyِ berry thatِ you canِ get yourِ hands on.
Unfortunately, yourِ health habits asِ well asِ your vices can makeِ your teeth lookِ dingy, stained, andِ yellow — thusِ aging you.
You canِ change yourِ habits (stop drinking coffee andِ red wine) andِ eat otherِ types ofِ fruits andِ vegetables, suchِ asِ apples, celery, raw carrots, broccoli, andِ other crunchy greens whichِ exfoliate theِ stains onِ your teeth — or you canِ attempt toِ whiten themِ instantly byِ trying whitening toothpastes, over-the-counter whitening agents, orِ home-made remedies.

5. Add some color to your wardrobe

Perhaps theِ easiest andِ fastest wayِ toِ lookِ younger instantly isِ to revamp yourِ closet beyondِ your go-to grays, blacks, andِ blues.
Wear clothes thatِ bring outِ your eye color.
“You’ll getِ more attention ifِ you wear somethingِ that reflects yourِ eyes,” David Zyla, stylist andِ author ofِ Color Your Style, told Men’s Fitness.

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