4 Ways to Eliminate Dry Skin During Winter


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4 Ways to Eliminate Dry Skin During Winter

We love theِ change ofِ seasons andِ the cooling weather, butِ it’s definitelyِ not theِ bestِ time ofِ the year forِ your skin.
The cold weather aheadِ is bound toِ leave yourِ skin dry andِ itchy.
Moving fromِ your warm house orِ apartment toِ theِ cold outside, andِ then toِ anِ overheated office isِ bound toِ leave yourِ skin worse forِ the wear.

1. Be mindful of your shower time

Everyone loves a nice, hot shower, butِ it canِ beِ bad forِ your skin.
Anjali Mahto told FashionBeans.
While you’re inِ there, tryِ to avoid usingِ soap, whichِ canِ actuallyِ be yourِ worst enemy notِ only duringِ the normal months ofِ the year, butِ alsoِ during theِ winter months.

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2. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize

WebMD recommends finding anِ ointment moisturizer that’s oil-based, ratherِ than water-based becauseِ the oil willِ create a protective layer onِ the skin thatِ will beِ able toِ retain moreِ moisture thanِ a cream orِ lotion.
Body: For yourِ body, Men’s Fitness recommends tryingِ a cooling body lotion, which can take awayِ anyِ kind ofِ pain youِ haveِ fromِ scratching yourِ poor skin.
Hands andِ feet: It’s notِ allِ aboutِ your face.

3. When you’re going outside, don’t forget the SPF

Sunscreen isِ not justِ meant forِ the summertime; it’s meant toِ beِ worn allِ year roundِ and, inِ fact, helps toِ avoid dry skin duringِ the harsh winter months.
The Huffington Post saysِ reflection fromِ the snow canِ actuallyِ make theِ sun’s ray’s moreِ intense.
And don’t forget aboutِ your lips, whichِ areِ alsoِ prone toِ sun damage.

4. Avoid wool

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You mightِ not realize this, butِ one ofِ the biggest culprits ofِ dry skin duringِ the winter isِ the fabrics ofِ your clothing, particularlyِ wool.
The Stir explains theِ scratchy fabric canِ make dry, itchy skin evenِ worse.
Stick withِ cotton andِ dress inِ layers toِ stay toasty.

5. Don’t wear wet gloves or socks

One moreِ winter faux pas toِ avoid, especiallyِ when theِ weather turns snowy, isِ wearing wet socks andِ gloves.
They canِ irritate yourِ skin causing itching, cracking, sores, andِ even anِ eczema flare-up, saysِ WebMD.
Make sureِ you getِ a good pair ofِ water resistant winter boots andِ avoid snowball fights., 7 ] .

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