4 Unfavorable Clothing Mistakes That Make You Look Fatter


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4 Unfavorable Clothing Mistakes That Make You Look Fatter

One ofِ the keys toِ dressing wellِ isِ not onlyِ choosing theِ rightِ trends andِ classics thatِ perfectly exude yourِ personal style, it’s alsoِ aboutِ presenting yourِ body inِ the bestِ andِ most flattering wayِ possibleِ — withoutِ tryingِ toِ distort orِ alter your body.
Good clothing doesn’t justِ change theِ shape ofِ your body, itِ alsoِ makes everythingِ look balanced, proportional, andِ neatly framed.
We’re notِ talking aboutِ looking moreِ muscular, rather, we’re talking aboutِ mistakes thatِ canِ make youِ lookِ likeِ a shapeless blob.

1. Wearing an ill-fitting shirt

Generally speaking, theِ rightِ top will beِ nicely fitted toِ your body withِ littleِ excess material.
The goal ofِ the fit isِ to seeِ clean lines thatِ areِ appealing toِ theِ eye andِ flattering toِ theِ body, withِ noِ excess fabric thatِ billows orِ bunches upِ toِ makeِ you lookِ likeِ you’re wearing a parachute.
For ladies, goingِ too tight oftenِ leads toِ unsightly bra lines.

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2. Really baggy pants

Though wide-leg trousers canِ beِ a nice look, theyِ shouldn’t sag.
If you’re rocking pants that are soِ baggy youِ haveِ to keepِ pulling themِ up toِ your natural waist, whichِ isِ aboutِ half anِ inch aboveِ your hip bone, they’re tooِ big.
Sometimes evenِ a belt can’t fix theِ situation.

3. An untailored suit

Suits areِ anِ incredibly important component toِ theِ modern man’s wardrobe — notِ to mention oneِ ofِ the keys toِ success andِ dressing forِ success.
When a suit isِ ill-fitting, itِ canِ convey allِ the wrong things.
If theِ jacket sleeves areِ too long andِ the hems ofِ your pants areِ dragging behindِ your heel, yourِ suit doesِ not fit norِ doesِ it flatter yourِ figure, style expert Tom Julian told Men’s Health.

4. Anything that is way too tight

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Wearing anythingِ too tight, toِ theِ extent thatِ your shirt buttons areِ aboutِ to pop orِ you canِ hardly sit down, willِ makeِ you lookِ likeِ anِ overstuffed sausage.
In short, wearing anythingِ too tight willِ makeِ you appearِ heavier thanِ you reallyِ are.
The answer toِ lookingِ thinner isِ not aboutِ packing yourselfِ intoِ ill-fitting clothing, it’s aboutِ wearing clothing thatِ flatters yourِ figure andِ accentuates theِ positive, whileِ detracting fromِ the negative.

5. Printed pants

One day they’re in, theِ nextِ they’re out.
The big issue overallِ isِ that whenِ a person wears a veryِ busy orِ bright print, itِ adds dimension andِ volume toِ theِ body.
No harm, noِ foul., 7 ] .

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