3 New Rules Make Weight Loss Successful


3 New Rules Make Weight Loss Successful

Three habits are key to weight loss and sustained weight control, a new study finds.

Women inِ the study whoِ wereِ mostِ successful atِ losing weight keptِ track ofِ their food intake inِ a journal, didn’tِ skip meals andِ avoided eating out, especiallyِ for lunch.
Our study wasِ unique inِ that itِ looked atِ a large array ofِ weight-loss behaviors toِ seeِ what worked andِ what didn’t, saidِ study researcher Dr.
Among theِ women inِ the study, whoِ wereِ betweenِ ages 50 andِ 75, thoseِ who cultivated eachِ of theseِ habits lost fiveِ to eightِ pounds moreِ than women whoِ didn’tِ engage inِ these practices.

Three simple rules?

McTiernan andِ colleagues tracked theِ habits ofِ 123 women whoِ wereِ takingِ were part inِ the larger Nutrition andِ Exercise forِ Women study.
(People withِ BMIs ofِ 30 andِ higher areِ considered obese.) During theِ year-long study, theِ participants lost, onِ average, 10.7 percent ofِ their body weight.
We foundِ that theِ betterِ women inِ our study wereِ atِ consistently writing downِ everything theyِ ate andِ drank, theِ moreِ weight theyِ were able toِ lose, McTiernan said.

Are total calories more important than calorie type?

Studies, including thisِ one, consistently show thatِ focusing onِ restricting theِ total number ofِ calories consumed yields betterِ weight-loss results thanِ followingِ anyِ diet based onِ food types, suchِ asِ low-fat orِ low-carbohydrate diets.

But a study published in June in the Journal of the American Medical Association

shook upِ thisِ notion, suggesting a low-carb diet results inِ more efficient weight loss, compared withِ a low-fat diet.
She emphasized thatِ mostِ research stillِ points toِ theِ golden rule ofِ calorie reduction isِ the key.
Current literature strongly supports reducing total calories asِ the mostِ important intervention forِ weight loss.