15 Kitchen Gadgets That Are a Waste of Money

Kitchen Gadgets

In theory, fat magnets seem smart, but they’re a kitchen gadget better left on the shelf. | Amazon.com

15 Kitchen Gadgets That Are a Waste of Money

The reason youِ can’t cook anythingِ more thanِ cereal isِ that youِ don’t haveِ the proper tools, right.
The onlyِ thing separating youِ fromِ Instagram-worthy plated dishes areِ those crazy kitchen gadgets youِ don’t own.
All youِ needِ to goِ head toِ head areِ the tools toِ backِ you up.

1. Fat Magnet

Once theِ words “fat free” andِ “low fat” wereِ introduced toِ theِ world, everyoneِ wanted a newِ andِ improved wayِ toِ remove extra fat fromِ their diets.
Thank goodness kitchen gadgets, suchِ asِ the Fat Magnet, wereِ introduced toِ society.
This tool attracts allِ the unhealthy fat fromِ your soups andِ stews, allowing youِ toِ skim itِ away.

The reviews for this brilliant contraption vary. | Dacor.com

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2. WineStation

A four-bottle wine station willِ surely toِ doِ the trick.
Just thinkِ ofِ itِ asِ a froyo station forِ your wine.
With theِ WineStation, youِ canِ choose a halfِ glass orِ full glass ofِ vino withِ justِ the touch ofِ a button.

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3. Butter Mill

Buy spreadable butter rather than butter dispensers. | iStock.com/littleny

If youِ keepِ your butter inِ the fridge thenِ you knowِ howِ frustrating tryingِ toِ slice cold butter canِ be.
This dispenser usesِ compression toِ force evenِ the coldest spreads intoِ thin ribbons that’ll melt quickly onِ your food.
Even ifِ you onlyِ use itِ forِ corn onِ the cob, itِ seems paying $19.95 forِ less hassle mightِ beِ worth it.

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4. Onion Goggles

Peel oneِ onion, andِ suddenly theِ waterworks begin.
Foolish style aside, theseِ onion goggles protect yourِ face fromِ irritating onion vapors withِ foam seals.
If you’re stillِ fearful ofِ chopping, youِ canِ do soِ forِ a lot cheaper thanِ the goggles byِ microwaving theِ onion firstِ or rinsing itِ with cold water beforeِ chopping toِ suppress theِ juices thatِ makeِ your eyes run.

Onion goggles could be helpful, but there are other methods to avoid onion tears. | RSVP International

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5. The Smart Oven

In theory, toaster ovens areِ meant toِ supplement yourِ real oven asِ a solution forِ quick meals.
So whyِ spend hundreds onِ a countertop oven thatِ will doِ the sameِ thing asِ your conventional oven.
Its fancy technology evenِ claims toِ cook food 30% faster inِ a convection setting, butِ we’re stillِ unsure whetherِ thatِ warrants a $250 supplemental oven purchase.

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Spending extra money on expensive toaster ovens would be unwise. | iStock.com

6. Anti-cut device

At firstِ glance, thisِ knife guard seemsِ likeِ the perfect solution forِ novice chefs andِ dangerously dull kitchen knives.
Just useِ theِ plastic guard toِ protect yourِ fingers fromِ the knife toِ avoid cuts.
Reviews, however, sayِ this product isِ made ofِ cheap plastic andِ doesn’t work asِ intended.

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7. Veggetti spiralizer

Want toِ impress onِ Instagram orِ becomeِ the nextِ food blogger.
Social media foodies love toِ promote variousِ types ofِ spiralizers thatِ promise toِ slice yourِ veggie noodles intoِ a work ofِ art.
Some claim it’s theِ worst purchase they’ve everِ made, whileِ othersِ say itِ makes themِ want toِ eat vegetables.

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8. Fruit Spray Tool

Wouldn’t itِ beِ nice toِ getِ allِ the taste andِ flavor fromِ citrus fruits withoutِ theِ annoying pulp andِ seeds.
The sprayer wantsِ toِ beِ the answer toِ your prayers, providing youِ withِ theِ essence ofِ citrus everyِ good recipe craves.
A fewِ bucks andِ this gadget isِ yours, butِ it’s likelyِ to takeِ up valuable space inِ the backِ drawer instead.

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9. Flippin’ Fantastic

Flipping a perfectly roundِ pancake orِ cooking anِ egg overِ medium seemsِ likeِ the easiest thingِ inِ the world whenِ TV ad professionals doِ it. Unfortunately, thisِ egg andِ pancake silicon mold isِ nowhere nearِ asِ “Flippin’ Fantastic” asِ it claims toِ be, according toِ angry Amazon customers. Customers sayِ they’re betterِ off withoutِ thisِ tool, andِ those thinking ofِ spending money onِ this useless kitchen gadget shouldِ avoid doingِ so atِ allِ costs.

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10. Avocado Slicer

Consumer reviews forِ avocado slicers areِ pretty positive across theِ board. But anyoneِ who takes a moment toِ use theirِ brain wouldِ realize they’re a complete waste ofِ money. For one, avocados range inِ size, soِ a one-size-fits-all scoop won’t grab allِ the avocado inِ one motion.

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11. Asparagus Peeler

Just likeِ the avocado slicers, anِ asparagus peeler isِ nice butِ not needed. In fact, anyِ type ofِ specialized peeler, exceptِ for a potato peeler, isِ anِ unnecessary useِ ofِ your money. Cooks canِ use a knife toِ chop offِ the rough endِ of asparagus, orِ bend itِ until itِ snaps awayِ cleanly.

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12. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

To drink theِ sugar milk fromِ your cereal orِ not: It’s a controversial topic. The Never Soggy Cereal Bowl aims toِ put anِ end toِ suchِ discussions byِ separating theِ cereal andِ milk intoِ two compartments. Although theِ reviews forِ this contraption areِ overwhelmingly positive, oneِ mustِ note itِ eliminates theِ potential forِ cereal-milk drinkers.

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13. Egg Minder Intelligent Egg Tray

Sure, gettingِ enoughِ protein inِ your diet isِ imperative forِ overall health. And eggs areِ anِ excellent source ofِ protein andِ other essential vitamins. But isِ it soِ dire thatِ oneِ would needِ anِ egg tray thatِ tracks theِ number ofِ eggs youِ haveِ andِ alerts youِ whenِ they’re goingِ bad.

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14. Quirky Cutting Board

For organizers atِ heart, thisِ compartmentalized cutting board mightِ beِ for you. Just chop andِ drop withِ ease. And theِ drawers don’t comeِ with lids, meaning you’ll needِ to cover theِ food withِ plastic wrap ifِ you don’t plan toِ cook rightِ away.

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15. Garlic Press

Similar toِ otherِ tools onِ this list, garlic presses areِ more ofِ a hindrance thanِ a help. Many consumers claim theseِ types ofِ gadgets makeِ itِ easier toِ avoid gettingِ that pesky garlic smell onِ your fingers, butِ others sayِ they’re a pain toِ clean withِ soِ manyِ tiny crevasses. Savvy shoppers canِ save theِ $15 byِ smashing garlic cloves withِ theِ flat endِ of a knife toِ easily remove theِ coating andِ chopping itِ themselves., 7 ] .