15 Dangerous Foods You Must Never Give to Your Dog


No matter how much he begs, you shouldn’t feed Fido certain foods | iStock.com

15 Dangerous Foods You Must Never Give to Your Dog

Dogs areِ mealtime opportunists.
You’re finishing yourِ dinner, andِ Sparky thinks it’s hisِ turn toِ chow downِ on whateverِ table scraps areِ left onِ your plate.
However, thereِ areِ some foods thatِ shouldn’t becomeِ treats forِ your dog, noِ matter howِ much theyِ beg.

What to do if your dog eats these foods

If youِ comeِ home toِ find thatِ Fido raided theِ pantry, orِ you accidentally give yourِ dog oneِ ofِ these snacks withoutِ thinking aboutِ it, makeِ sure youِ seek expert advice.
Call yourِ veterinarian, andِ ask whatِ you shouldِ do.
You canِ alsoِ call theِ ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center atِ 888-426-4435.

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1. Onions and garlic

If youِ useِ anyِ form ofِ garlic andِ onion in yourِ meals, save theِ leftovers forِ your ownِ lunch insteadِ of sharing themِ with yourِ dog.
Garlic, onions, andِ leeks areِ part ofِ the allium plant family, whichِ canِ break downِ red blood cells inِ canines.
This canِ cause yourِ dog toِ becomeِ anemic, explains Justine Lee, a Diplomate ofِ the American College ofِ Veterinary Emergency andِ Critical Care.

2. Peaches, plums, and persimmons

Who knew soِ manyِ fruits wereِ a bad idea toِ feed toِ your dog.
The fruit itselfِ isn’t theِ issue — it’s theِ pits insideِ that causeِ damage.
Most obviously, theِ pits canِ cause intestinal blockages thatِ canِ turn serious.

3. Yeast

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If yourِ dog has created hisِ own Canine Olympics outِ ofِ jumping upِ toِ grab food fromِ the kitchen counter, it’s bestِ to notِ leave yourِ rising bread dough unattended.
Yeast inِ anyِ form beforeِ it’s baked isِ extremely dangerous forِ your dog, asِ it willِ continue rising inِ their stomach.
“Not onlyِ canِ this beِ painful butِ it mayِ alsoِ cause theِ stomach orِ intestines toِ becomeِ obstructed (blocked) orِ distended.” The yeast alsoِ produces ethanol asِ a by-product, whichِ inِ your dog canِ make themِ becomeِ drunk.

4. Grapes and raisins

The compound inِ grapes andِ raisins thatِ isِ toxic toِ dogs isِ unknown, theِ ASPCA reports.
Whatever itِ is, it’s dangerous enoughِ that itِ canِ cause kidney failure inِ canines, andِ feeding grapes orِ raisins toِ your dog shouldِ beِ avoided completely.
According toِ Canine Journal, eating theseِ otherwiseِ innocuous snacks canِ alsoِ cause severe liver damage.

5. Alcohol

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As you’ve probablyِ gathered fromِ the information aboutِ yeast, yourِ dog gettingِ drunk isn’t a good thing.
Alcohol hasِ the sameِ effect onِ a dog’s liver asِ it doesِ with humans, butِ it takes farِ less toِ doِ the sameِ damage.
“Their enzymes areِ similar toِ ours, butِ the effects ofِ alcohol areِ more potent,” Olson told Good Housekeeping.

6. Candy and gum

If yourِ gingerbread houses andِ other candy decorations areِ in danger ofِ beingِ gobbled up, itِ might beِ time toِ switch toِ newِ holiday traditions, andِ keep candy andِ gum outِ ofِ sight.
Both willِ oftenِ containِ a sweetener called xylitol, whichِ isِ alsoِ found inِ toothpaste andِ some diet foods.
(It’s almost guaranteed toِ beِ in allِ “sugar-free” sweets.) In dogs, xylitol canِ lead toِ anِ insulin spike, whichِ ultimately isِ bad forِ blood sugar andِ can potentially causeِ damage toِ theِ liver.

7. Macadamia nuts

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If youِ regularly snack onِ macadamia nuts orِ areِ a white-chocolate-macadamia cookie fiend, makeِ sure toِ keepِ your stash hidden fromِ your furry friends.
Along withِ chocolate, grapes, andِ garlic, theseِ nuts inِ particular areِ some ofِ the worst foods youِ canِ feed yourِ dog.
The poisoning canِ becomeِ apparent throughِ muscle tremors, vomiting, andِ even paralysis.

8. Corn on the cob

Corn mightِ beِ the No.
1 filler ingredient inِ many dog foods, butِ skip theِ au naturel version thatِ comesِ on a cob whenِ you’re feeding itِ to yourِ pet.
A chunk ofِ corn cob that’s evenِ just a fewِ inches canِ beِ enough toِ causeِ a problem, Lee told Good Housekeeping, andِ can apparently beِ quite difficult toِ locate onِ X-rays.

9. Caffeine

Most dogs aren’t goingِ to beِ found slurping coffee, butِ they shouldِ stay awayِ from caffeine inِ allِ forms, including inِ sodas andِ energy drinks.
“This isِ essentially poison forِ your dog ifِ ingested,” Canine Journal states bluntly.
Caffeine containsِ substances called methylxanthines, whichِ areِ found inِ “the fruit ofِ the plant usedِ toِ makeِ coffee, andِ in theِ nuts ofِ anِ extract usedِ inِ some sodas,” theِ ASPCA reports.

10. Chocolate

You mightِ haveِ chalked thisِ oneِ up toِ hype orِ anِ old wive’s tale, butِ chocolate reallyِ isn’t good forِ your dog.
Like caffeine, chocolate contains methylxanthines, andِ can carry theِ sameِ dangerous side effects asِ caffeine.
Dark chocolate, chocolate mulch, andِ unsweetened baker’s chocolate areِ particularly potent andِ harmful toِ dogs, according toِ WebMD.

11. Salt

Feeding a handful ofِ potato chips orِ pretzels toِ your dog whenِ your ownِ snack cravings hit mightِ not beِ the bestِ example ofِ “sharing isِ caring.” “Eating tooِ muchِ salt canِ cause excessive thirst andِ urination andِ lead toِ sodium ion poisoning,” WebMD writes. While weِ knowِ we shouldِ drink plenty ofِ water — especiallyِ the moment weِ actuallyِ begin toِ feel thirsty — weِ mightِ not remember toِ monitor ourِ pet’s water intake. A chip orِ two won’t causeِ major harm, butِ it’s bestِ to dole outِ low-sodium alternatives whenِ possible.

12. Milk and dairy products

Not allِ dogs areِ lactose intolerant, andِ those whoِ aren’t willِ beِ fine eating theِ occasional ice cream orِ yogurt treat. Even so, it’s bestِ to avoid milk andِ dairy products forِ the mostِ part. In someِ cases, anِ allergic reaction couldِ alsoِ occur, whichِ will mostِ likelyِ take theِ form ofِ itchiness.

13. Avocados

While avocados mightِ beِ having a moment onِ toast, inِ guacamole, andِ even byِ themselves forِ humans, ourِ furry counterparts won’t getِ the sameِ health benefits weِ doِ from theِ fruits. Avocados containِ a compound called persin, whichِ canِ beِ toxic toِ dogs. Among otherِ issues, persin canِ cause diarrhea, vomiting, andِ heart congestion inِ canines.

14. Fat trimmings and bones

Dogs thrive onِ the fat trimmings fromِ your plate, right? Not soِ much, asِ it turns out. Eating tooِ manyِ fat trimmings canِ lead toِ pancreatitis inِ dogs, otherwiseِ knownِ asِ anِ inflamed pancreas. In addition, bones givenِ to domestic dogs canِ cause themِ to choke, orِ the bones canِ splinter andِ become a danger duringِ digestion.

15. Human medicine

This shouldِ beِ a no-brainer, butِ don’t assume thatِ the medicine youِ takeِ forِ a headache orِ other malady willِ work inِ the sameِ way forِ your dog. Unless youِ receive specific directions fromِ your veterinarian, don’t becomeِ your dog’s over-the-counter pharmacist. According toِ WebMD, reactions fromِ medicines meant forِ human consumption only, isِ the mostِ common form ofِ poisoning forِ dogs.