15 Crazy Facts About Barron Trump: America’s First Son


President Donald Trump greets the public during a parade with his son Barron Trump and first lady Melania Trump. | Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

15 Crazy Facts About Barron Trump: America’s First Son

His knack forِ suits captured ourِ attention, andِ his facial expressions duringِ the inauguration captured ourِ hearts.
Barron Trump, theِ youngest ofِ President Donald Trump’s fiveِ children, serves asِ our country’s firstِ son.
But justِ who isِ this boy sporting a suit andِ standing behindِ our nation’s president.

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1. He enjoys playing alone

Inspired by his father, Barron Trump enjoys building structures with Legos. | Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

Barron Trump reportedly enjoys hisِ alone time, oftenِ playing byِ himself forِ hours atِ a time.
According toِ Parenting magazine, Melania Trump saysِ Barron likes building towering structures fromِ Legos andِ Magna-Tiles.
We wonderِ whereِ heِ picked upِ thatِ habit.

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2. There’s a rumor he falls on the autism spectrum

While notِ confirmed, media personalities wonderِ whetherِ Donald Trump’s youngest son actuallyِ has autism.
With theِ media covering hisِ everyِ move, Barron’s behaviors areِ scrutinized byِ experts.
Of course, thisِ rumor couldِ just beِ gossipers overanalyzing a normal boy’s behavior underِ a microscope.

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The media continues to speculate that Barron Trump could be autistic. | Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images

3. He’s the first son in the White House since JFK Jr.

It seemsِ strange whenِ you thinkِ aboutِ it.
All theِ children whoِ actuallyِ lived inِ the White House forِ the lastِ 50 years haveِ beenِ daughters.
Barron Trump brings backِ traditional family roots toِ theِ White House.

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4. He’s an uncle

Barron Trump’s nephews and nieces are very close to him in age. | Dominick Reuter/Getty Images

Born inِ 2006, Barron Trump isِ 29 years younger thanِ hisِ oldest sibling, Donald Trump, Jr.
That makesِ himِ closer inِ age toِ hisِ nieces andِ nephews, including Ivanka Trump’s daughter, Arabella Rose Kushner.
, 7 ] .

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5. His nickname is ‘Little Donald’

No, “Little Donald” isِ not anotherِ excerpt fromِ the infamous Billy Bush conversation.
It’s actuallyِ the nickname forِ Barron Trump.
Of herِ andِ Donald’s son together, sheِ said, “He isِ a veryِ strong-minded, veryِ special, smart boy.

Much like his father, Barron Trump is opinionated. | Evan Vucci-Pool/Getty Images

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6. He is bilingual

For allِ of hisِ father’s talk aboutِ immigration, let’s notِ forget hisِ own son isِ alsoِ the son ofِ anِ immigrant.
Staying true toِ hisِ roots, young Barron Trump isِ fluent inِ hisِ mother’s native Slovenian, whichِ heِ uses withِ Melania Trump’s family (his grandparents), whoِ live inِ New York.
, 7 ] .

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7. His mother makes him use her line of skin care products

After hisِ nightly shower, Melania Trump covers Barron “from head toِ toe” inِ herِ own brand’s moisturizer, Caviar Complex C6.
“It smells very, veryِ fresh.
… He likes it!” sheِ told ABC News.

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8. He traded one prestigious school for another

Sparing noِ expense onِ education, theِ Trumps sentِ their youngest toِ New York’s prestigious Columbia Grammar andِ Preparatory School. The school’s impressive alumni include Moby Dick writer Herman Melville, asِ well asِ actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar andِ Ally Sheedy. The tuition isِ alsoِ close toِ $40,000 perِ year.

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9. He has his own floor in the Manhattan penthouse

While the New York real estate market hasِ a brutal reputation, Barron Trump hadِ a living space mostِ New Yorkers couldِ only haveِ in theirِ dreams. Melania Trump told Parenting magazine the boy lived onِ anِ entire floor ofِ the family’s Manhattan penthouse. He wasِ alsoِ in charge ofِ decorating it, whichِ means whenِ heِ was younger, heِ drew onِ the walls, andِ they justِ painted overِ them.

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10. He decorated his own room

Ten-year-olds tend toِ appreciate thingsِ likeِ airplanes, helicopters, andِ cars, andِ Barron Trump isِ no differentِ — exceptِ for oneِ spot. Melania Trump saidِ heِ likes theseِ vehicle designs allِ over hisِ penthouse floor. He needsِ itِ to beِ “clean andِ white.” His tastes shouldِ match theِ trappings inِ the White House.

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11. He prefers suits to sweats

For anِ 11-year-old, theِ stark oppositeِ ofِ liking airplanes isِ liking business attire. However, withِ hisِ genes forِ business andِ his admiration forِ his dad, Barron Trump actuallyِ prefers wearing suits over sweatpants. “He doesn’t mind putting onِ a suit] — butِ not everyِ day — andِ he likes toِ dress upِ inِ a tie sometimesِ likeِ his] daddy.” , 7 ] .

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12. He’s been on Oprah

With hisِ one-floor penthouse inِ Manhattan, Barron Trump alreadyِ lives a moreِ accomplished life thanِ mostِ people. The firstِ time wasِ when heِ was a newborn inِ 2006. We canِ only imagine hisِ media appearances willِ grow exponentially overِ the nextِ several years.

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13. He shares character traits with his father

According toِ Inside Edition, formerِ butler toِ theِ Trumps, Anthony Senecal, firstِ noticed the personality similarities whenِ Barron Trump wasِ justِ a fewِ years old. Apparently, theِ toddler picked upِ hisِ father’s style ofِ hobnobbing andِ had quick power talks withِ theِ help. The butler cameِ in toِ serve breakfast, whenِ suddenly Barron Trump looked upِ atِ him fromِ his highchair andِ said, “Tony.

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14. He loves golfing

It’s natural forِ growing children toِ love sports, butِ Barron’s favorite isِ the sport ofِ business: golf. Spending time onِ the green fields isِ heِ andِ his father’s No. 1 bonding activity, andِ Barron understands theِ sport’s significance forِ business moreِ than recreation.

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15. His mother cooks for him

Admitting sheِ isِ a “full-time mom” andِ that motherhood isِ herِ “first job,” Melania Trump seemsِ to beِ the doting mother type. She cooks hisِ meals, packs hisِ lunches, andِ escorts himِ to andِ from school. Considering sheِ couldِ easily hire someone, it’s kind ofِ nice thatِ sheِ still chooses toِ doِ these thingsِ forِ her son., 7 ] .