15 Companies That Pay $100,000 To College Graduates


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15 Companies That Pay $100,000 To College Graduates

And perhapsِ unsurprisingly, thereِ areِ a lot ofِ big companies thatِ areِ willing toِ pay top-dollar forِ fresh, talented college graduates.
Jesse Collins, a fresh graduate ofِ Purdue University whoِ will soonِ beِ heading offِ to work atِ the Seattle-based Curalate, created a monstrous data set showing salary andِ bonus data forِ college grads atِ hundreds ofِ companies.
Using a survey, heِ built a spreadsheet usingِ theِ data fromِ more thanِ 450 graduates whoِ reported theirِ salaries.

1. Amazon

Amazon isِ actively throwing a lot ofِ money atِ fresh talent.
According toِ Collins’ data, theِ annual base salary forِ a newِ grad isِ aboutِ $104,000, withِ aboutِ $16,000 perِ year inِ stock.
Plus, there’s anِ average signing bonus ofِ $36,000.

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2. Apple

Apple isِ casting a wide net toِ bring inِ fresh, young faces.
And it’s doingِ so withِ huge salaries andِ signing bonuses.
The average starting salary atِ Apple isِ just shy ofِ $110,000, withِ anِ average signing bonus ofِ $14,000.

3. Bloomberg

If you’re young andِ like money, Bloomberg isِ evidently willingِ toِ cater toِ you.
Starting salaries atِ Bloomberg tally upِ atِ $129,500, withِ significant stock andِ stipends, andِ a signing bonus ofِ moreِ than $13,000.

4. Facebook

The Facebook sign and logo is seen in Menlo Park, California | Josh Edelson/Getty Images

New grads “like” Facebook’s compensation packages.
Facebook’s average starting salary isِ just shy ofِ $111,000, withِ $48,000 inِ stock/stipend andِ anِ average signing bonus ofِ $82,000.

5. Goldman Sachs

With Goldman Sachs seemingly takingِ overِ Washington D.C., itِ might beِ anِ attractive place toِ start yourِ career.
The money isn’t tooِ bad, either.
Goldman Sachs isِ offering anِ average starting salary ofِ $91,000 andِ a signing bonus ofِ $7,000.

6. Google

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Google isِ shelling outِ the cash toِ attract top-level, next-generation talent.
The average salary forِ new grads atِ Google isِ $106,000, withِ $13,000 inِ stock/stipend andِ a $25,000 signing bonus.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn wasِ recentlyِ swallowed upِ byِ Microsoft, andِ at eitherِ company, newِ grads makeِ some seriousِ bank.
According toِ Collins’ data, theِ starting salary atِ LinkedIn isِ $120,000, withِ a bonus ofِ $10,000.

8. Microsoft

The LinkedIn logo on a computer screen | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Speaking ofِ Microsoft, newِ grads earn anِ average salary ofِ $106,000, withِ big stock andِ signing bonuses, asِ well.

9. Snapchat

The popularity ofِ Snapchat isِ probably helping theِ company capture a lot ofِ young talent.
Snapchat pays newِ grads anِ average salary ofِ $120,000, withِ big stock/stipend perks andِ a sizable signing bonus.

10. Uber

If youِ wantِ toِ getِ into theِ transportation game, Uber’s willingِ toِ spend a lot toِ bring youِ onِ board.
Salaries start atِ aboutِ $108,000, withِ $37,500 inِ stock perِ year.

11. Yelp

You’ll yelp whenِ you seeِ what Yelp isِ paying newِ graduates.
Average salaries areِ north ofِ $90,000, withِ stock andِ signing bonuses ofِ $20,000.

12. Twitter

Everyone’s goingِ to beِ watching Twitter closely overِ the nextِ fewِ years, asِ it’s a favorite tool ofِ our newِ commander inِ chief. New grads atِ Twitter earn $120,000, withِ stock andِ signing bonuses ofِ $18,500.

13. Capital One

If tech isn’t yourِ industry, Capital One wouldِ beِ happy toِ haveِ you. Starting salaries forِ new grads top $90,000.

14. IBM

IBM hasِ beenِ aroundِ for a long time and isِ still a major player inِ the business world. It, too, needsِ to replenish itsِ employee ranks withِ fresh talent. New grads earn moreِ than $90,000.

15. Palantir

A job atِ Palantir, ifِ you’re fresh outِ ofِ college, willِ earn youِ anِ average ofِ $109,000 perِ year. There’s alsoِ a signing bonus ofِ $5,000.