13 Things People Do to Their Company When They Get Fired


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13 Things People Do to Their Company When They Get Fired

We allِ lose interest inِ our jobs forِ one reason orِ another.
This canِ lead toِ job orِ career changes, job-hopping forِ a raise orِ promotion, orِ simply quitting forِ the sake ofِ quitting — sometimes, weِ haveِ the resources toِ sit outِ ofِ the labor force forِ a whileِ andِ take stock ofِ our options.
A newِ study, published inِ the Journal ofِ Management byِ researchers fromِ Utah State, Florida State, andِ Arizona State Universities hasِ identified 13 specific “pre-quitting behaviors” thatِ canِ communicate yourِ desire toِ quit beforeِ you’re ready toِ pull theِ trigger.

1. Productivity is down

Lower productivity.
If you’ve lost interest inِ your job, you’re probablyِ notِ goingِ to beِ operating atِ full capacity.
As a result, productivity dips.

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2. No longer a team player

Your teammates rely onِ you, andِ if yourِ enthusiasm andِ productivity areِ waning, thoseِ teammates areِ going toِ notice — becauseِ it impacts themِ directly.
These areِ the people whoِ areِ probably goingِ to pick upِ onِ the fact thatِ you’re thinking ofِ quitting beforeِ management.
, 7 ] .

3. Minimum effort

Along withِ lessِ productivity comesِ less effort.
If you’re thinking aboutِ quitting yourِ job, you’ll probablyِ doِ the minimum necessaryِ to avoid gettingِ fired — untilِ you canِ quit onِ your ownِ terms.
Laziness andِ apathy alsoِ play a role.

4. No interest in impressing the boss

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If yourِ productivity andِ effort areِ consciously takingِ a dip, youِ probablyِ don’t care allِ that muchِ aboutِ impressing yourِ boss anymore.
Another tellِ that you’re planning toِ quit yourِ job.
Lack ofِ concern inِ regard toِ what yourِ boss thinks.

5. Wavering on long-term commitments

If you’ve everِ beenِ through a breakup withِ a boyfriend orِ girlfriend, theِ signs areِ there — andِ those signs translate intoِ your career.
Wavering onِ commitments, andِ breaking offِ dates orِ meetings.
As youِ mightِ haveِ suspected, somethingِ isِ probably up.

6. Bad attitude

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If you’re unhappy atِ your job, itِ canِ beِ easy toِ slip intoِ a cycle ofِ negativity.
This canِ cause mood changesِ andِ swings, andِ you mayِ find yourselfِ beingِ a jerk forِ no reason.
This isِ a big red flag thatِ somethingِ isِ up, andِ may tip colleagues thatِ you’re onِ your wayِ out.

7. Less effort and motivation

Naturally, you’ll beِ less motivated atِ a job thatِ you noِ longer care about.
If yourِ productivity isِ slipping, it’s probablyِ tied toِ your lack ofِ motivation andِ putting lessِ effort intoِ your work.
, 7 ] .

8. Focus on the job is waning

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If youِ find yourselfِ surfing Facebook, Reddit, orِ simply staring outِ the window forِ long stretches duringِ the day, you’re veryِ clearlyِ disconnected andِ distracted.
Your work isn’t holding yourِ attention, andِ it’s a sign thatِ you’re ready toِ move on.
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9. Dissatisfaction with the job

If youِ can’t tell, allِ of theseِ signs tend toِ cascade intoِ one anotherِ — andِ a lowِ level ofِ job satisfaction isِ yet anotherِ symptom thatِ it’s time toِ move on.
If you’re lacking satisfaction fromِ your work, it’s goingِ to becomeِ clear toِ colleagues thatِ you mightِ beِ planning toِ quit yourِ job.
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10. Expressing dissatisfaction with the boss

Had enoughِ of yourِ manager’s crap.
Don’t give a hoot ifِ they’re notِ particularly stoked withِ your performance.
They canِ tell thatِ you’re disengaged andِ likely planning toِ depart.

11. Leaving early

Sneaking outِ early, orِ showing upِ late.
It’s yetِ anotherِ sign thatِ you’re detached orِ detaching, andِ might beِ ready toِ hitch yourِ wagon toِ anotherِ horse.
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12. Enthusiasm is down

Of course, enthusiasm willِ beِ waning whenِ you’re ready toِ takeِ your talents “to South Beach,” asِ Lebron James mightِ say. This isِ probably theِ whole reason you’re ready toِ leave anyway: You’re noِ longer enthused byِ your job. , 7 ] .

13. Less interest in working with customers

If you’ve worked inِ customer service inِ anyِ capacity, youِ knowِ that it’s tough, andِ maintaining enthusiasm andِ a positive attitude isِ very difficult. Once theِ customers manage toِ erode itِ allِ away, however, it’s time toِ lookِ forِ a newِ job. , 7 ] .