13 Most Stupid Job Skills Your Stupid Friend Has


Tom from Office Space comes to terms with the fact that his job skills, and job, are redundant. | 20th Century Fox

13 Most Stupid Job Skills Your Stupid Friend Has

For millions ofِ Americans, there’s nothingِ moreِ frightening thanِ waking upِ oneِ day andِ discovering you’re redundant.
Perhaps you’ve evenِ given upِ moreِ lucrative jobs toِ chase a passion.
And theِ job skills youِ needed yesterday areِ not theِ job skills youِ needِ today — orِ tomorrow.

Jobs and skills

Unfortunately, there’s noِ easy wayِ toِ tellِ which wayِ theِ economic winds willِ shift.
This means a lot ofِ people needِ to takeِ stock ofِ their experience, skills, andِ abilities toِ keepِ pace.
That starts withِ job skills thatِ noِ longer apply.

Microsoft Office isn’t a skill. It’s an expectation. | Microsoft.com

1. Microsoft Office

At thisِ point, Microsoft Office isِ so ubiquitous thatِ it’s pretty muchِ anِ expectation you’ll knowِ the basics.
At leastِ some familiarity withِ Word andِ Excel areِ going toِ beِ expected byِ most employers.
Depending onِ the job orِ industry, possibly otherِ programs, suchِ asِ PowerPoint orِ OneNote, willِ beِ expected, too.

2. Word processing

“Word processing” isِ really a term orِ phrase fromِ a pastِ generation.
You’re able toِ use a keyboard and getِ thoughts outِ ofِ your head andِ into a word processor, suchِ asِ Word orِ Notepad.
If youِ don’t, itِ should beِ one ofِ the firstِ things youِ work onِ to getِ up toِ speed.

3. Outdated programming languages

Being able to type isn’t something to brag about. | iStock.com

This isِ goingِ to beِ industry andِ job-specific, butِ you’re goingِ to wantِ toِ purge anyِ outdated programming languages youِ know.
Obviously, thisِ isِ goingِ to apply toِ people whoِ work inِ the tech industry or developers andِ designers.
List thoseِ thatِ you knowِ on yourِ CV, andِ avoid antiquated onesِ that mightِ causeِ anِ HR manager toِ raise anِ eyebrow.

4. Data entry

You’ll probablyِ comeِ across a job posting thatِ hasِ “data entry” asِ a necessaryِ skill.
You’re entering data intoِ a computer.
This isِ a bit moreِ specialized, asِ you mightِ need toِ knowِ your wayِ aroundِ a database, butِ if youِ canِ use a computer, it’s probablyِ assumed youِ canِ handle data-entry tasks.

5. Administration

Purge outdated programming language. | iStock.com

The ability toِ administer isn’t bad — inِ fact, it’s a good thing.
But it’s notِ necessarily a skill you’ll wantِ to, orِ evenِ need to, include onِ your resume.
An employer shouldِ beِ able toِ tellِ administration isِ inِ your wheelhouse byِ looking atِ your experience andِ background.

6. Customer service

Again, thisِ isn’t a skill that’s bad toِ haveِ or that’s evenِ outdated.
If you’ve worked inِ customer service positions, yourِ resume willِ relay that.
And ifِ you wereِ bad atِ it yourِ resume willِ probablyِ relay that, asِ well.

7. Call center/phone/fax

A person pecks away at a keyboard. | iStock.com/Pinkypills

Some ofِ the items onِ our list soِ farِ have basically translated toِ “I canِ use a computer.” That’s essentially whatِ you’re sayingِ ifِ you put downِ “phone” orِ “fax” — theِ latterِ of whichِ you shouldِ probablyِ forget allِ aboutِ unless anِ employer hasِ made itِ very clear itِ needs someoneِ who canِ use a fax machine.
It’s assumed youِ canِ use a phone, makeِ calls, andِ do itِ professionally.
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8. Ability to work on a team or independently

You’re eitherِ going toِ work onِ a team orِ byِ yourself, right.
If youِ canِ walk andِ breathe, you’re goingِ to beِ able toِ doِ one ofِ the two.
But thisِ isn’t necessarily somethingِ you shouldِ list asِ a skill.

9. Social media

There areِ jobs inِ the social media space forِ which you’ll wantِ toِ talk aboutِ your social media skills.
But ifِ you don’t work inِ a communications role ofِ some kind, it’s bestِ to leave social media offِ ofِ your skills list.
Make sureِ your profiles areِ set toِ private andِ that youِ don’t haveِ anyِ incriminating posts outِ there thatِ couldِ cost youِ a job.

10. Email

You canِ scrap “email” fromِ your list ofِ skills, too.
It’s clear youِ knowِ howِ to email someone.
What ifِ you don’t.

11. Being a middleman

When wasِ theِ lastِ time youِ usedِ a travel agent — ifِ ever. Or ifِ you’re lookingِ atِ getting started withِ a financial adviser orِ investing, areِ you consideringِ anِ actual human beingِ or a robo-adviser. Where thereِ was onceِ a needِ forِ a middleman, there’s nowِ a program orِ service thatِ allows youِ toِ easily find theِ information youِ needِ forِ yourself — beِ it aboutِ plane tickets orِ index funds.

12. Bookkeeping

Keeping a business’s records intact isِ important. But it’s yetِ anotherِ role thatِ isِ becomingِ increasingly automated. It’s justِ that youِ mightِ not wantِ toِ march intoِ a job orِ career field thatِ isِ rapidly evolving.

13. Research

There’s academic research, andِ there’s regular run-of-the-mill online research. The latterِ requires theِ ability toِ type somethingِ intoِ Google. And unlessِ you’re applying forِ anِ academic position inِ which you’re doingِ real, hardcore research, you’re betterِ off leaving “research” orِ “online research” offِ your resume.