12 Lies Salesmen Will Tell You to Close the Deal


Though most are honest, consumers need to watch out for some lies car salesmen tell. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

12 Lies Salesmen Will Tell You to Close the Deal

Are youِ inِ the market forِ a newِ or usedِ car.
In otherِ words, theِ enthusiasm a car salesman shows onِ the lot mightِ actuallyِ be real.
Unfortunately forِ consumers, salesmen stillِ have incentive toِ lie.

1. Clean Carfax=pristine car

When thereِ isِ a car crash andِ the owner reports itِ to makeِ anِ insurance claim, youِ willِ find theِ record onِ a Carfax report.
However, inِ the event someoneِ crashed theِ car andِ had itِ quietly fixed byِ a local mechanic, thatِ accident wouldِ neverِ appear.
Have yourِ ownِ mechanic doِ anِ inspection andِ see ifِ there wereِ anyِ unreported wrecks.

A clean Carfax does not a perfect car make. | Josh Coleman/Getty Images

2. Your trade-in will fetch big money

A car salesman withoutِ a customer onِ the lot isِ like a basketball player withoutِ a court.
They haveِ no wayِ toِ practice theirِ trade withoutِ a potential buyer, soِ salesmen willِ goِ out ofِ their wayِ toِ getِ you in the door.
Even ifِ you describe a car inِ detail, a dealer won’t knowِ forِ sure whatِ heِ canِ offer untilِ he sees it.

3. Your credit is bad

In theِ list ofِ lies car salesmen tell, onesِ aboutِ your credit areِ usually the mostِ subtle.
Using theِ false score, a car dealer willِ thenِ offer youِ a loan atِ a higher interest rate.
You could endِ up paying thousands of dollars moreِ over theِ life ofِ the loan ifِ you believeِ these lies.

4. An award makes the car great

A salesman cannot show you the money for a trade-in until he sees it. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

If a car thatِ appeals toِ you won anِ award fromِ J.D.
Actually, a vehicle canِ win awards forِ many reasons.
When a model shows noِ problems overِ that span, itِ might win.

5. The price is not negotiable

Everything isِ negotiable — cars especially.
When a salesman saysِ the price listed isِ the final one, heِ is mostِ likelyِ lying.
Suddenly, theِ price willِ becomeِ negotiable.

6. You need a co-signer to close

Car salesman may downgrade your credit score in order to get higher interest rates on a loan. | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Knowing yourِ credit score helps whenِ you hear thisِ lie.
A shady car salesman mayِ tell youِ a co-signer willِ beِ necessary toِ purchase a vehicle.
They willِ sayِ you needِ a co-signer andِ make thatِ person theِ primary owner ratherِ than a guarantor.

7. That car you called about just sold

It mightِ sound impossible, butِ the old bait-and-switch isِ still inِ effect, thoughِ it is usually more subtle.
When youِ call aboutِ a car listed inِ anِ ad, theِ salesman willِ assure youِ theِ vehicle isِ still onِ the lot.
In itsِ place, heِ canِ offer youِ somethingِ muchِ better.

8. No one offers better interest rates

GM’s Bob Lutz poses with Chevrolet Malibu, 2008 North American Car of the Year, which had terrible reliability and owner satisfaction ratings. | John F. Martin/Getty Images

Preparation isِ the key toِ gettingِ the bestِ car deal, andِ it starts withِ theِ interest rate youِ getِ on a loan.
Talk toِ your bank andِ online lenders toِ seeِ what theyِ areِ offering onِ car loans inِ your price range.
You canِ get approval atِ those rates andِ bring theِ figures withِ you whenِ you talk toِ a car salesman.

9. You cannot trust online lenders

A great wayِ forِ salesmen toِ build trust isِ byِ telling youِ howِ other people lie.
You mightِ see itِ when a car salesman triesِ toِ discredit anِ online lender whoِ offered youِ a good rate andِ supplied a blank check so you couldِ make theِ deal.
If a salesman saysِ heِ won’t accept theِ check becauseِ online lenders bounce them, don’t believeِ it.

10. A lower monthly payment won’t cost more

This lie seemsِ impossible toِ believe, butِ the bestِ car salesmen find a wayِ toِ sell it.
The topic arises whenِ theyِ seeِ that youِ cannotِ afford theِ monthly payments.
In order toِ keepِ the deal alive, a salesman willِ extend theِ term ofِ the loan toِ lowerِ the amount youِ owe everyِ month.

11. He can’t match another dealer’s price

As youِ makeِ the rounds atِ dealerships, youِ mayِ find theِ car youِ wantِ yet find itِ priced higher thanِ you sawِ onِ anotherِ lot.
When youِ askِ the dealer toِ match theِ price, heِ may sayِ there isِ no wayِ forِ him toِ doِ so.
If theyِ letِ you go, theyِ areِ telling theِ truth, butِ chances areِ the price willِ drop fast.

12. This deal expires today

There isِ alwaysِ a tomorrow inِ auto sales. If youِ don’t find theِ price youِ wantِ onِ July 4, hang outِ until theِ “summer sales event” orِ followingِ promotion. Car salesmen willِ tryِ toِ create a false sense ofِ urgency toِ close a quick deal, butِ you hold theِ power inِ these transactions.