12 Beauty Formulas That Make Your Mornings Way Faster


Imagine not having to touch your eyebrows in the morning. | iStock.com/Vicheslav

12 Beauty Formulas That Make Your Mornings Way Faster

Looking perfect, orِ achieving theِ lookِ that’s perfect forِ you, isn’t easy.
You canِ opt forِ beauty treatments thatِ takeِ someِ time atِ the salon orِ spa, butِ make itِ a lot easier toِ roll outِ ofِ bed andِ spend a minimal amount ofِ time inِ front ofِ the mirror eachِ day.
Sure, theseِ treatments aren’t oneِ andِ done —  they typically require someِ maintenance — butِ if theyِ letِ you feel a littleِ more low-maintenance onِ a daily basis, that’s probablyِ a good trade-off.

1. Brow shaping

Having anِ esthetician shape yourِ brows isِ a great wayِ toِ avoid worrying aboutِ them inِ the morning.
(Or inِ the evening, whichِ isِ when weِ typically stand inِ front ofِ the bathroom mirror, questioning theِ shape ofِ our eyebrows orِ the state ofِ our skin.) Whether youِ choose waxing, sugaring, threading, orِ anyِ of theِ otherِ options available, havingِ your brows professionally shaped isِ a great wayِ toِ getِ them toِ lookِ more awesome thanِ you everِ thought theyِ could.
This will probablyِ translate toِ a streamlined makeup routine.

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2. Brow tinting

Brow tinting isِ the perfect wayِ toِ shorten anِ excessive brow-enhancing makeup routine.
This salon treatment isِ quick andِ painless, andِ involves yourِ stylist applying dye thatِ makesِ your brows lookِ bothِ full andِ natural.
Depending onِ your preferred brow look, youِ mayِ want toِ add a littleِ bit ofِ makeup toِ emphasize theِ arch.

3. Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions sound a littleِ scary, butِ they’re reallyِ not, especiallyِ when youِ goِ to a professional whoِ specializes inِ them.
Eyelash extensions areِ great forِ lazy girls whoِ don’t wantِ toِ spend foreverِ on theirِ eye makeup eachِ morning.
You canِ customize theِ lookِ to getِ it exactlyِ the wayِ you want, too.

4. Eyelash tinting

No need to apply mascara in the morning. | iStock.com/mykeyruna

If youِ likeِ the sound ofِ brow tinting, you’ll probablyِ love theِ idea ofِ eyelash tinting.
Especially forِ those withِ light blonde orِ red lashes, mascara canِ seem mandatory ifِ you’re planning toِ leave theِ house.
But gettingِ your eyelashes tinted canِ make themِ lookِ naturally dark.

5. Chemical peels

If yourِ makeup routine typically revolves aroundِ evening outِ your skin tone orِ covering upِ dark spots, youِ canِ save yourselfِ theِ effort byِ heading toِ your dermatologist forِ a series ofِ chemical peels.
The active ingredients andِ the strength ofِ chemical peels vary, butِ peels areِ anِ effective wayِ toِ improve theِ texture andِ pigmentation ofِ skin.
Many superficial peels evenِ have minimal downtime, which makes themِ easier toِ fit intoِ a busy schedule thanِ anِ intense treatment youِ don’t wantِ toِ try untilِ you haveِ a weekend off.

6. Gel manicures

Give your lashes a quick tint. | iStock.com/licsiren

Doing yourِ ownِ nails canِ beِ relaxing, andِ is a great wayِ toِ change upِ your polish color.
But ifِ you’re constantly touching upِ a chipped manicure, theِ maintenance canِ get oldِ pretty quickly.
A great solution isِ to getِ a gel manicure atِ the salon.

7. Laser hair removal

Body hair (and unwanted facial hair) isِ a pretty controversial topic forِ a lot ofِ women.
And we’re definitelyِ proponents ofِ everybodyِ making theِ grooming decisions thatِ makeِ them feel good.
But ifِ you typically spend a lot ofِ time onِ your hair removal routine, laser hair removal isِ a beauty treatment worth considering.

8. Hair color

Chemical peels are an effective way to improve the texture and pigmentation of your skin. | iStock.com/Horsche

If youِ aren’t a fan ofِ the natural color ofِ your hair, you’ve probablyِ beenِ coloring itِ forِ years.
But whoِ hasِ time toِ goِ the salon everyِ month toِ haveِ the roots touched up.
Techniques likeِ balayage andِ even traditional highlights canِ give youِ a moreِ low-maintenance wayِ toِ jazz upِ your natural look.

9. Hair extensions

For someِ people, short hair isِ easier toِ style thanِ long hair.
For others, though, long hair isِ definitelyِ less time-consuming thanِ short hair.
If youِ haveِ short hair andِ are wishing forِ the carefree mornings ofِ your long hair days, youِ couldِ considerِ hair extensions.

10. Keratin treatment

A keratin treatment isِ a proven wayِ toِ makeِ evenِ the frizziest, uncooperative hair easy toِ tame inِ the morning becauseِ it oftenِ eliminates theِ needِ forِ heated styling tools.
This isِ a major win ifِ you’re hoping toِ avoid damage inِ the long run.
A keratin treatment canِ make your hair significantly easier toِ style,  without requiring youِ toِ sayِ goodbye toِ your natural texture.

11. Japanese straightening treatment

If youِ wear yourِ hair pin-straight everyِ day, youِ mayِ beِ tempted toِ goِ a step beyondِ the keratin treatment byِ opting forِ a Japanese straightening treatment.
These treatments areِ controversial inِ certainِ circles becauseِ certain early-2000s straightening treatments incorporated formaldehyde.
They makeِ your hair smooth andِ straight.

12. Teeth whitening

Whitening toothpastes andِ home whitening treatments areِ a pretty popular option, butِ you canِ get a professional teeth whitening treatment doneِ atِ your dentist’s office ifِ you wantِ toِ save time andِ avoid tryingِ toِ fit whitening strips intoِ your beauty routine. You shouldِ consult yourِ dentist toِ figure outِ what theِ bestِ option isِ forِ you. Just know, havingِ a treatment doneِ atِ the dentist onceِ or twiceِ a year isِ a quick wayِ toِ improve yourِ appearance withoutِ spending a lot ofِ time inِ front ofِ the mirror eachِ morning., 7 ] .