11 Types of Clothing to Make You Look Taller


Black skinny jeans are a good look. | iStock.com/tixti

11 Types of Clothing to Make You Look Taller

Sometimes itِ feels likeِ the fashion industry designs clothing specifically forِ tall women.
After all, they’re modeled byِ women averaging a height ofِ 5-foot-10 andِ above.
By knowing whichِ areas toِ highlight andِ downplay, youِ canِ boost yourِ confidence andِ stop worrying thatِ you appear extra small.

1. Black skinny jeans

Black skinny jeans areِ anِ essential item of clothing forِ allِ women, butِ they’re especiallyِ great forِ women whoِ fall onِ the shorter side.
Both theِ color black andِ the elastic inِ the jeans work togetherِ toِ shrink yourِ legs.
Paired withِ heels, yourِ legs willِ lookِ incredibly long.

A red skater dress is playful and flattering. | iStock.com/ariwasabi

2. Skater dress

Short women shouldِ fill theirِ closets withِ items ofِ clothing thatِ highlight theirِ assets, andِ one great area toِ draw attention toِ isِ your naturally shrunken waist.
Skater dresses doِ anِ excellent job ofِ cinching atِ the waist, thenِ flaring outِ toward theِ bottom hem, making youِ lookِ noticeably leaner.
Opt forِ a short, colorful skater dress for theِ bestِ results.

3. Short, flared skirt

Flowing maxi skirts haveِ the ability toِ drown short women, making themِ lookِ particularly stout andِ stubby.
By starting atِ your small waist andِ falling wide above theِ knee, thisِ style ofِ skirt willِ makeِ your legs appear extra lanky.
The moreِ your skirt resembles a tulip, theِ moreِ your legs willِ lookِ likeِ long stems beneath it.

4. Spaghetti-strap top

A flared skirt shows off your legs. | iStock.com/Anetlanda

Petite women mayِ hate havingِ short legs, butِ they shouldِ beِ overjoyed aboutِ their thin arms, feminine neckline, andِ pronounced collarbones.
To show offِ this lovely area, allِ shorter women shouldِ ownِ a spaghetti-strap top.
The thinner yourِ straps, theِ moreِ attention you’ll draw toِ your dainty upper body.

5. Fitted turtleneck

An easy wayِ toِ add length toِ your body isِ to bring theِ focus toِ your neckline.
By wearing a fitted turtleneck, youِ canِ give yourselfِ theِ appearance ofِ havingِ a muchِ longer neck thanِ you reallyِ do.
However, stay awayِ from brown turtlenecks, whichِ canِ look a tad frumpy.

6. Classy, short dress

A fitted turtleneck will add length to your body. | iStock.com/ iconogenic

One benefit ofِ beingِ small isِ beingِ able toِ wear shorter clothing withoutِ appearing tooِ revealing.
Since youِ canِ get awayِ with a shorter hem, it’s alwaysِ a good idea toِ ownِ a classy andِ professional-looking dress thatِ hits mid-thigh.
Though thisِ sounds a fewِ inches shorter thanِ you’d normallyِ feel comfortable wearing toِ theِ office, you’ll find itِ makes youِ lookِ much taller withoutِ lookingِ too suggestive.

7. Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts areِ a necessity forِ allِ short women.
They haveِ the ability toِ makeِ you lookِ much narrower andِ taller whileِ showing offِ your small waist.
Pencil skirts shouldِ beِ part ofِ a short woman’s go-to professional outfit — perfect forِ looking formal andِ put togetherِ without lookingِ too conservative.

8. Cropped blouse

A classic black dress is always perfect. | iStock.com/grinvalds

When youِ thinkِ ofِ a crop top, yourِ mind mightِ immediately turn toِ a rebellious teenager.
However, cropped blouses areِ alsoِ perfect pieces forِ short, mature women.
Instead ofِ wearing themِ to show offِ your midriff (which willِ onlyِ shorten yourِ torso), it’s great toِ pair themِ with high-waist bottoms.

9. Vertically-striped shirt

When itِ comesِ to changing yourِ appearance, usingِ a pattern asِ anِ optical illusion isِ one ofِ the oldest tricks inِ the book.
If youِ wantِ toِ lookِ wider, wear thick, horizontal stripes.
This pattern (particularly onِ a button-up shirt) is a wardrobe staple forِ allِ short women whoِ wantِ toِ appearِ a bit longer.

10. High-waist shorts

One ofِ the easiest ways toِ add inches toِ your body isِ to create theِ illusion ofِ havingِ longer legs thanِ you reallyِ do.
Instead ofِ opting forِ low-rise jeans andِ shorts (which willِ onlyِ makeِ you lookِ stumpy), short women canِ make themselvesِ lookِ much taller byِ wearing high-waist shorts.
Your hips willِ appearِ taller than theyِ areِ andِ your legs willِ beِ miraculously lengthened.

11. Short, flared blazer

Short women oftenِ find itِ difficult toِ dress forِ the workplace, whereِ beingِ tall isِ a powerful asset .
To makeِ yourself seemِ larger thanِ you are, it’s helpful toِ ownِ a short, flared blazer.
They’re notِ only stylish, butِ they alsoِ give youِ a structured upper body thatِ conveys strength.