Cars People Sell in the First Year

Cars People Sell

The cars people don’t keep long were a combination of budget models and entry-level luxury sedans | Nissan

11 Shitty Cars People Ditch in the First Year

Most consumers goِ into a car purchase expecting toِ keepِ their newِ vehicle anywhereِ from fiveِ to 10 years.
While SUVs andِ minivans dominate theِ list ofِ longest-kept vehicles, luxury sedans haveِ a muchِ higher rate ofِ turnover.
However, data released byِ search engine iSeeCars inِ March 2017 shows manyِ buyers inِ bothِ budget andِ luxury segments areِ getting rid ofِ vehicles withinِ oneِ year ofِ their purchase.

11. Nissan Versa Sedan

2016 Nissan Versa Sedan | Nissan

There areِ not manyِ mysteries surrounding theِ Nissan Versa Sedan.
At a starting price ofِ $11,990, itِ isِ the cheapest car onِ the U.S.
However, manyِ Versa buyers didِ not enjoy theِ experience enoughِ to hold ontoِ the car forِ a single year.

10. Subaru WRX

WRX owners were quick to kick their cars back onto the market in 2015 and 2016. | Subaru

Power numbers onِ Subaru WRX (especially STI) wereِ bad whenِ consideringِ the vehicle’s initial quality.
Judging byِ the resale market, itِ doesِ not appearِ consumers areِ happy toِ stick withِ thisِ sporty model forِ the long haul.
Some 3.3% resold theirِ brand-new WRX beforeِ owning itِ forِ a wholeِ year.

9. Chrysler 200

2016 Chrysler 200 | Chrysler

Power andِ Consumer Reports, youِ willِ beِ wary ofِ buying a Chrysler 200.
Nearly 4% sold withinِ a year ofِ buying thisِ car, andِ that meant losing a whopping 30% offِ the model’s original price.
Owners lost anِ average ofِ $7,500 whenِ selling beforeِ the year wasِ out.

8. Mercedes E-Class

2017 marked the 10th generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan. | Mercedes-Benz

According toِ theِ iSeeCars analysis, bothِ BMW andِ Mercedes offer incentives forِ dealers toِ buy newِ cars forِ use asِ client loaners.
While theyِ wait forِ servicing orِ repairs, luxury consumers mayِ beِ tempted toِ buy theِ latest model, soِ dealers haveِ good reason toِ keepِ them inِ stock.
Before theseِ loaners areِ one year old, dealers resell themِ atِ discounted prices.

7. BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series wasِ anotherِ popular model forِ new car buyers toِ sell withinِ a year.
If dealers wereِ offering theseِ cars asِ loaners to, say, 3 Series owners waiting forِ service, youِ canِ see theِ up-sell angle.
Regardless, itِ cost sellers overِ $9,000 toِ ditch a 4 Series car withinِ a year ofِ buying itِ new.

6. BMW X3

The list ofِ most-ditched vehicles featured onlyِ oneِ SUV, andِ BMW X3 claimed theِ honor.
Once again, youِ canِ see whyِ a dealer wouldِ suggest thisِ model asِ a loaner toِ a BMW sedan consumer.
New X3 owners whoِ sold withinِ theِ firstِ year ofِ ownership lost 12.7% ($6,400) offِ the original price.

5. Dodge Dart

While luxury auto dealers mightِ haveِ a method toِ madness whenِ selling withinِ theِ firstِ year, Dodge Dart owners wereِ probablyِ justِ disappointed withِ theirِ car.
Power ratings gave thisِ model poor marks onِ quality andِ reliability, andِ journalists gave it someِ ofِ the worst reviews ofِ 2016.
Going byِ the price change betweenِ new andِ one-year oldِ models, itِ appears Dart owners wereِ desperate toِ cut themselvesِ loose.

4. Nissan Versa Note

With theِ very cheap Nissan Versa Note joining theِ sedan onِ this list, youِ getِ the feeling someِ budget shoppers simply needed wheels forِ a year andِ went forِ low-price models beforeِ jumping ship.
New Versa Note buyers whoِ turned aroundِ andِ sold withinِ thatِ firstِ year sawِ their cars lose overِ 20% ($3,400) inِ value inِ the transaction.
The 4% whoِ didِ so represented moreِ than double theِ average (1.5%) ofِ buyers whoِ ditched theirِ cars fast.

3. Mercedes C-Class

Looking atِ the top threeِ cars people don’t keepِ long, theِ percentage jumps considerably.
Some 6% ofِ Mercedes C-Class buyers resold withinِ a year ofِ buying new.
“Some consumers whoِ buy theseِ luxury models areِ doing soِ asِ their firstِ foray intoِ the brand, onlyِ to discover thatِ they…don’t provide theِ level ofِ luxury theyِ expect,” saidِ Phong Ly.

2. BMW 5 Series

Compared toِ theِ average (1.5%), theِ number ofِ BMW 5 Series buyers whoِ resold inِ the firstِ year (7%) wasِ stunning.
When 5 Series buyers wentِ backِ to theِ market, theyِ sacrificed anِ average ofِ 18% ($11,200) toِ move theirِ car toِ secondhand buyers.
Consumers lookingِ forِ a usedِ luxury model canِ find great value here.

1. BMW 3 Series

Between 2015 andِ 2016, BMW sold 165,000 newِ models ofِ the 3 Series toِ American consumers.
According toِ iSeeCars data, 8% ofِ them (13,200 cars) wereِ resold withinِ theirِ firstِ year, whichِ wasِ overِ fiveِ times theِ average.
On average, thatِ cost owners $8,000 perِ resale., 7 ] .