11 Pieces of Winter Outerwear Every Woman Should Have

Winter Outerwear

A big blanket scarf is like wearing your favorite blanket everywhere you go. | iStock.com/Ales_Utovko

11 Pieces of Winter Outerwear Every Woman Should Have

Winter canِ beِ a long season ifِ you’re notِ dressed forِ the occasion.
We haveِ a list ofِ winter outerwear toِ shield youِ fromِ whatever you’re facing.
But, withِ theseِ 11 types ofِ outerwear essentials, youِ won’t beِ sacrificing anyِ style forِ warmth.

1. Overcoat

Rendered inِ cashmere orِ wool, thisِ isِ one ofِ those foreverِ pieces thatِ isِ a coat-closet staple you’ll reach forِ winter season afterِ winter season.
For thatِ reason, youِ mayِ want toِ invest a bit moreِ inِ a high-quality piece thatِ will last.
There areِ many varieties fromِ which toِ choose, butِ we recommend a double-breasted coat (it’s likeِ a preppy peacoat, butِ even moreِ versatile) orِ a midi version thatِ will keepِ you warm fromِ head toِ leg.

Nice gloves are a must. | Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images

2. Furry coat

To immediately getِ that warm, fuzzy feeling, lookِ no furtherِ than a fur, faux fur, shearling, orِ mohair coat.
A cuddly coat that’s asِ soft onِ the outsideِ asِ it willِ makeِ you feel warm onِ the insideِ is mandatory toِ keepِ you sane duringِ anyِ bracingly cold snap.
If you’re staying awayِ from real fur andِ are worried aboutِ looking likeِ a character fromِ The Muppets orِ a shag rug, goِ forِ a faux coat inِ a darker neutral shade.

3. Raincoat

Sometimes winter brings withِ itِ weather that’s notِ so muchِ cold asِ it isِ soggy.
For winter rain showers, you’ll needِ a trusty raincoat byِ your side.
While theِ iconic trench couldِ beِ a suitable option, whatِ will reallyِ serve youِ wellِ isِ a waterproof version thatِ won’t endِ up asِ waterlogged asِ the outsideِ situation — especiallyِ if it’s trulyِ pouring orِ you’re hoofing itِ fromِ place toِ place.

4. Blanket wrap scarf

A snood is a sophisticated way to stay warm in the winter. | iStock.com/Rohappy

Bring thatِ feeling withِ you asِ you goِ aboutِ your day withِ a blanket wrap scarf orِ a blanket poncho.
It’s theِ bestِ way toِ wrap upِ inِ bothِ cozy comfort andِ sophisticated style.
The bigger theِ betterِ when itِ comesِ to thisِ outerwear essential; casually throw itِ over yourِ shoulders orِ wrap itِ aroundِ multiple times onِ top ofِ a coat.

5. Fedora

You mayِ haveِ never thought about wearing a hat, butِ considering weِ lose soِ muchِ heat throughِ ourِ heads, it’s nothingِ short ofِ a must-have forِ winter.
And a fedora isِ so chic thatِ itِ will bring a dash ofِ intriguing allure toِ anyِ ensemble.
Just makeِ sure youِ goِ with a wool orِ felt variety forِ the mostِ warmth.

6. Gloves

A leather jacket is perfect for the not-so-cold winter days and packed with edge. | Timur Emek/Getty Images

Cold hands areِ never a good look.
Save yourِ fingers fromِ the freeze factor withِ a good pair ofِ gloves — they’re essential inِ the winter.
These days, some gloves feature touch-screen technology toِ power youِ throughِ theِ cold andِ your nextِ post.

7. Cashmere scarf

For theِ days whenِ thatِ bigger-than-life blanket scarf justِ isِ not theِ rightِ fit, you’ll needِ a moreِ moderate piece toِ wrap aroundِ your neck.
It’s theِ epitome ofِ form andِ function, delivering constant style.
But, neutral options areِ just asِ good ifِ you prefer toِ color insideِ the lines withِ a slightly lessِ attention-grabbing accessory.

8. Earmuffs

We’ve allِ experienced theِ not-so-fun sensation ofِ burning ears — andِ not justِ becauseِ other people areِ talking aboutِ us.
Ears areِ often painfully exposed inِ winter, especiallyِ for girls withِ shorter hair.
Regardless, youِ shouldِ haveِ no qualms aboutِ wearing earmuffs.

9. Puffer coat

It’s notِ justِ forِ the slopes — althoughِ you’ll fit rightِ inِ amidst theِ snow bunnies inِ Aspen.
The puffer coat isِ often misunderstood asِ completely unflattering andِ off limits.
But youِ don’t haveِ to lookِ likeِ the Michelin Man — a puffer orِ parka withِ a belted waist andِ edgy hardware andِ styling elements quickly eliminates anyِ look-alike tendencies.

10. Snood

What’s a snood.
It’s basically a circle scarf withِ a fitted shape thatِ layers perfectly overِ coats andِ sweaters.
If scarves simply aren’t yourِ thingِ with theirِ two cumbersome tails, orِ ifِ you’ve hadِ enoughِ of theِ layered infinity scarf look, tryِ a snood.

11. Leather jacket

A leather jacket doesn’t haveِ the bestِ reputation forِ beingِ the warmest coat inِ the stack, butِ for theِ winter days thatِ aren’t quiteِ so offensive, a cropped leather bomber adds instant edge andِ cool-girl status toِ anyِ ensemble.
It looksِ asِ chic onِ a night onِ the town asِ it doesِ over yourِ yoga clothes, andِ it canِ beِ a lot lessِ cumbersome thanِ a full coat whenِ you don’t needِ to cover upِ quiteِ so much., 7 ] .