11% of Infants Born Preterm Worldwide


Credit: Baby nurse photo via Shutterstock

11% of Infants Born Preterm Worldwide

One inِ nine babies aroundِ the world isِ born beforeِ the full term ofِ pregnancy, andِ althoughِ these preterm births occur primarily inِ the developing world, theِ number ofِ preterm births inِ the United States ranks among theِ 10 highest inِ the world, a newِ report says.
preterm birth rate was 12 percent.
sinceِ 1990, someِ European countries sawِ their preterm birth rate rise fourِ times asِ much overِ the sameِ two decades .

Nearly fifteen million babies worldwide were born preterm in 2010, the report estimates.

The report wasِ based onِ statistics fromِ 184 countries.
The researchers alsoِ looked atِ 20 years’ worth ofِ preterm birth rates inِ 65 countries thatِ hadِ the availableِ data.
For thoseِ 65 countries, theِ overallِ preterm birth rate inِ 2010 wasِ 8.6 percent; itِ hadِ beenِ 7.5 percent inِ 1990.